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Thread: What's your natural thinking pattern?

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    You are absolutely right, because I was higher on VAK and then KAV, which is the total opposite.
    Also for allowing to understand what those letters represent, now my brain is at peace
    I am more than 100% sure I should be a visual learner first and foremost, and I would also guess i'm not the most physical person around, so I can understand VAK...but seriously, KAV? maybe the test is ill-designed.

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    I got akv and vka as my top 2, which is highly confusing. A = audio, V = Visual, K = Kinesthetic and it's about ranking them. Why the fuck would I have my top two scores being opposites then? After reading the descriptions, I'm pretty sure I'm A first, but the rest is a mystery. AKV and AVK seems equally viable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    actually more like v=ka
    lol ....velocity = constant x acceleration? ....then i guess k = 1/t? :P

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    KAV and KVA are the same :o and then VKA

    KAV: competent doer
    Acts logically; likes working with hands - sure
    Connects best by doing, touching - yeah
    Organizes in piles - mhm
    Learns easily by doing or discussion - discussions only in small groups
    Can articulate emotions and body sensations - I gues.s
    Good at storytelling, teaching movement and activities - Nope
    Sees the whole of things - I guess
    May have problems with reading, writing - LIl
    "Eye shy"; cannot maintain eye contact - very much so.

    KVA: perpetual student

    Acts logically; likes to do things
    Connects best by doing, touching
    Organizes in piles
    Learns easily by doing and watching
    Many diverse interests (like drawing and scuba diving)
    Can attend details and "big picture" simultaneously; sees pictures in 3-D, from many perspectives
    Difficulty expressing feelings in words
    Speech may have long pauses, go in circles; asks lots of questions; may have difficulty verbalizing abstractions
    Rarely speaks in groups
    Sensitive to voice tone

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