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Thread: Personality Junkie test

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    Default Personality Junkie test

    Take it here

    I got INTP on it but some questions were difficult to decide.

    For example on the question where you select between EJ, IJ, EP, and IP, I went with IP but related a bit to IJ and EP options.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    Awesome, I like this style of testing. Gives a better picture instead of just small insignificant questions- this is how I tend to type strangers- "they seem like this, which appears ExxJ" etc..

    I got INFP.
    2 I, 1 E.
    3 N, 0 S
    3 F, 0 T
    3 P, 0 J

    IF, NP, EN, IP, FP, and NF

    I think that the "second choices" could say something about your tertiary function- stuff that balances you.
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    I always look forward to these things

    1 d (c is close)
    2 a
    3 c (a is close)
    4 d (c is close)
    5 c (d is close)
    6 b (a is close)

    Yields ENxP primary and INxP secondary.

    I like this one. Someone ought to slap some automation onto it so that scores are calculated automatically.

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    Here's a more thorough analysis of my responses:

    1. I went with IF with IT being a close second. I guess because I really like harmony and don't feel comfortable without it. I could easily eliminate ET and EF.

    2. I couldn't answer this question. I relate to most parts of all four descriptions but none completely. I relate to most of the NP but don't typically have as much problems working with structure. I relate to most of the SJ but not quite as structured or as routine oriented. The NJ fits me except I'm probably not quite as much of a self-starter or change agent as they are. And all of the SP fits except for the fact that I like abstract thinking.

    3. IN is easily the best fit. I do relate to parts of the IS and the EN though. I could quickly rule out ES.

    4. Went with IP but relate almost as well to IJ and EP. EJ not so much.

    5. I went with TP but I relate to most of TJ and FP. FJ not so much.

    6. NT by a landslide. Maybe a little NF thrown in there. SF and ST did not appeal to me.

    So overall:

    I: 3
    E: 0
    S: 0
    N: 2
    S: 0
    T: 2
    F: 1
    J: 0
    P: 2
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    Section 1: A almost C
    Section 2: A almost C
    Section 3: Split between A and C
    Section 4: C almost D
    Section 5: C almost D
    Section 6: A almost B

    1. ET I
    2. NP J
    3. IEN
    4. EP I
    5. TP F
    6. NT F

    3 I, 3 E, 3 N, 3 T, 2 F, 3 P, 1 J = xNtp (or ENTP with that one choice rule enforced)

    This did a great job of indirectly affirming how "P" I am

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    I included my runner-up option for each question as well (in the parentheses), since many of them were strong runners-up.

    1. c (b) = IT (IF)
    2. a (d) = NP (SP)
    3. a (c) = IN (EN)
    4. d (b) = IP (IJ)
    5. c (d) = TP (FP)
    6. a (b) = NT (NF)

    Answer = INTP
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    I couldn't decide on some so I ended up choosing two... Which gave me INxP.

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    Section 1.
    c. I pride myself in my ability to critically analyze and solve difficult problems. I am often slow to accept others’ opinions, even those of so-called experts. Instead, I prefer think for myself and draw my own conclusions. While I am not a domineering person, I will express my disagreement when called for by the circumstances. it
    Section 2.
    a. I am creative, idealistic, and individualistic, often unconventional. I am not afraid to question the status quo and enjoy entertaining a variety of perspectives on a given topic. Others generally see me as casual, easygoing, and adaptable. I have difficulty working in structured environments, preferring to work according to my own terms and in my own personalized fashion. I require a great deal of freedom and personal control over my life and work np.
    Section 3.
    d. I am someone who enjoys material comforts and pleasures. I relish the sights, sounds, tastes, and textures of life. I am very observant and attuned to the world around me, aware of the latest fads, music, or fashions. If something happens in my immediate environment, I am quick to notice and respond. I am an active person—a “doer”—and keep myself occupied with tasks, work, or social engagements. In my down time, I enjoy television, sports, movies, or other forms of entertainment. sp
    Section 4.
    d. Others see me as approachable, casual, low-maintenance, and easy to be around. I am rarely forceful, generally preferring to listen or ask questions rather than carry the weight of a conversation. In some regards, I resemble a chameleon, adapting and blending into whatever situation I find myself. I also require a fair amount of time alone to read, reflect, tinker, create, or explore my interests. Because of my need for extensive alone time, some may see me as somewhat aloof, self-centered, or self-indulge ip
    Section 5.
    b. While I can be logical and skeptical in my thinking, I don’t come across as overly pretentious, uptight, or nitpicky. I usually go with the flow and do not directly challenge others’ ideas unless they appear blatantly wrong-minded. My interaction style is somewhat indirect, often using probing questions rather than direct assertions to prove a point. Though I can be firm when I need to be, I usually assume a more relaxed, informal interpersonal style. I enjoy solving challenging problems, but am not highly methodical or systematic in my approach. Instead, I rely on my wits and reason, figuring things out as I go. fj
    Section 6
    d. I am a bona fide realist. I don’t care much for grand theories or flights of the imagination, but am more concerned about what needs to be done. I am a hands-on person and don’t mind physical labor, at least occasionally. I readily retain facts and information about things that interest me and can do fairly well with crunching numbers or manipulating data. I don’t mind fixing or working with machines, tools, and technology, activities that engage both my mind and my hands st.


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    1. b. (I,F)
    2. c. (N,J)
    3. a. (I,N)
    4. b. (I, J)
    5. a. (T, J)
    6. a. (N,T)

    I- 3 N- 3 T- 2 J- 3


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    I liked this test. I got INFP

    1. b (I,F)
    2. a (N,P)
    3. a (I,N)
    4. d (I,P)
    5. c (T,P)
    6. b (N,F)
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

    I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas;
    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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