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View Poll Results: Which way did you see her spinning first?

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  • Clockwise, and I'm right brain dominant (perceiving)

    25 62.50%
  • Clockwise, and I'm left brain dominant (judging)

    7 17.50%
  • Counter-clockwise, and I'm right brain dominant (perceiving)

    6 15.00%
  • Counter-clockwise, and I'm left brain dominant (judging)

    2 5.00%
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Thread: Spinning Dancer Test

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    I spin clockwise to that picture
    Johari / Nohari

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    She starts counter-clockwise and spins really fast but switches between counter and clockwise. I can control which way she spins but she also switches when I'm not controlling it. The more I focus the slower she gets probably because I'm falling asleep from boredom. I like her but I think she reminds me of this crazy dog that use to chase its tail. She's always spinning and spinning and spinning. I wish she'd take a break and go out for a swim or enjoy a tasty cold beverage - you know just not be so neurotic. I feel very sad for her. Thanks for posting such a depressing link!

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    It's interesting how the mind works. Just looking at the picture it's difficult to reverse the spin, however with the legs labeled it is incredibly easy to reverse the spin.

    Edit: I'm a little confused, hehe. Sometimes she almost seems to stop. Like the rotation jumps, or gets stuck. Maybe the animation is lagging, or maybe I'm just tired...

    Edit 2: I just realized I never said this... She normally spins clockwise for me.
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