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Thread: The Social Orientation Inventory

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    Default The Social Orientation Inventory

    A wide variety of results based on the percentages of four social quadrants; acute, merging, distant, and companionate.

    My results:

    The Dreamer

    You scored 28% Attention-desiring, 21% Other-directedness, 37% Attachment-desiring, 34% Emotionality, 74% Romance-seeking, 6% Range, and 44% Secureness.

    Your Bonding Quadrant: Distant

    Summary: You tend to live in your own head and not empathize much with others. You don't get too close, and you don't put much effort into keeping particular people in your life. Your strongest social drives are for sex and romance sans ball/chain/U-Hauls/other symbols of commitment; these drives might be most easily satisfied in fantasy. You are likely to be shy.
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    Christ on a cracker, this was a long test!!

    Here is my result:

    The Screenwriter
    You scored 49% Attention-desiring, 41% Other-directedness, 83% Attachment-desiring, 57% Emotionality, 90% Romance-seeking, 44% Range, and 69% Secureness.

    Your Bonding Quadrant: Merging

    Summary: You tend to live in your own head and do not get too invested in the details of others' lives, but you do make an effort to hold onto important relationships, especially sexual/romantic ones. It is important that your relationships be close and intense while not robbing you of your autonomy.

    Sounds about right.
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