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Thread: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanki View Post
    By drawing runes with their feet, Rune Weavers are able to quickly and easily create powerful and deadly spells. Oftentimes, Rune Weavers are skilled dancers, and they will often draw their runes through the art of dance. Although not skilled with a sword, Rune Weavers are often quite nimble and powerful, making them difficult opponents to defeat in battle. By combining the power of their martial arts with the flexibility of their dance, Rune Weavers can effortlessly outmaneuver and defeat their foes. In addition, by synchronizing their martial arts with their rune weaving, they can both physically attack their opponents and simultaneously cast spells with the runes they draw with their feet.
    Wait, nevermind. Clearly I was just crying because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet

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    The Grand Diviner
    30% Strength, 27% Bloodlust, 48% Intelligence, 38% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 33% Agility!

    The Grand Diviner

    Masters of predicting the future, Grand Diviners are deadly opponents. Using their foresight, Grand Diviners can easily and effortless outmaneuver a foe and launch a flurry of counterattacks before the opponent can even react. Furthermore, by knowing exactly what will happen next, Grand Diviners can plan out their moves and attacks more carefully thus allowing them to better conserve their energy and allocate it to where it's most needed. In addition, Grand Diviners are masters of light based magic, which they can use to attack both offensively and defensively; however, although Grand Diviners are masters of light magic, they are actually most skilled with water based magic. Even though Grand Diviners specialize in water based magic, they are proficient in the other basic elements. However, their mastery over water far exceeds that of any of the other spellcaster classes allowing them to manipulate the water more skillfully and effortlessly. For example, Grand Diviners can more easily transform water to ice and steam, and they can even manipulate the water within the blood of an individual to control them like a puppet. By combining light magic with water magic, they can use water to heal and cure themselves and their allies. Their most powerful spell completely freezes any opponent in a giant, unmeltable sphere of ice.

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    This test was fucking cool. And I definitely listened to the elder scrolls arena soundtrack while taking it.

    The Silver Hand

    12% Strength, 7% Bloodlust, 35% Intelligence, 55% Spirit, 38% Vitality and 32% Agility!

    The Silver Hand is both a martial arts expert and a master of light and moon magic. Specifically Silver Hands either use their magic to launch blasts of powerful light based energy from their fists, or they use it to heal and restore life. With the ability to cure any illness or disease, Silver Hands are often viewed as gods to those around them, and as one of the most pure and benevolent classes, Silver Hands almost solely walk the path of good rather than evil. However, because of their proficiency with life and moon magic, it is not uncommon for them to occassionally use their powers for the side of darkness. Indeed, just as they can give life, they can also drain it and absorb it as their own thus becoming even more powerful. By absorbing another's life energy they are literally absorbing their power, spirit, and will and are able to use it to enhance their own power. Furthermore, their moon magic gives Silver Hands powers of transformation and transmutation, which they can use to morph themselves and others from humans into ghastly creatures of darkness and divine creatures of light.
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    The Ninja Sennin

    20% Strength, 25% Bloodlust, 27% Intelligence, 42% Spirit, 25% Vitality and 42% Agility!

    Ninja Sennin are able to become one with nature and absorb the energy of the world around them to enhance their strength, stealth, and agility. By becoming one with nature, the Ninja Sennin are able to feel, connect with, and channel the lifeforce of all living creatures surrounding them, thus raising their senses, powers, and abilities to godly levels. Ninja Sennin often have some skill with the basic elements though certainly not as much as the spellcaster classes. Usually, Ninja Sennin have a natural affinity for one or two different elements and will try to train those exclusively. However, by combining their weak elemental magic with their own energy and the energy of the world around them, they can create devastatingly powerful techniques and spells that no other class can perform. Their stealthiness and formidable power may make them seem like dark and ferocious foes, but deep down they are often truly benevolent and wise; however, Ninja Sennin that cannot control any darkness and hate within them will certainly fall into madness and chaos. Those who can master this darkness will know what it means to be truly alive and at peace with the world.
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