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Thread: The Eye Test

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    So I realized that all the ones I changed were actually accurate. I would've gotten 100% on this damn thing, if I didn't go recheck all the questions. Should always listen to your gut man.

    Also, I picked all the "flirtatious and interested" ones as "hostile and Irritated".... This could mean something. I don't have it figured out yet... but I know it means something.

    ps: I got 25....

    *hides in shame*

    Quote Originally Posted by Antimony View Post
    Haha, I didn't miss the flirtatious looks at all

    I missed one fantasizing, but she looked pissed off.
    LOL! I said the same thing, I even thought the page loaded incorrectly, because some of them didn't fit.

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    I love how they spelled skeptical wrong. I had a harder time with female eyes. One of the male eyes was something like firm, or decisive, and I put down curious, because that is how I look when I am curious hahaha. He had the raised eyebrow, it looked.

    Oh, it was #23, defiant.

    Oh, it looks like sceptical is some cases.
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    I got twenty-nine.

    Hahah, I thought all the flirtatious happy people were suspicious and angry.

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    Your score: 31
    A typical score is in the range 22-30. If you scored over 30,
    you are very accurate at decoding a person's facial expressions
    around their eyes. A score under 22 indicates you find this quite difficult

    The correct answers for the ones you missed are:
    18: decisive
    27: cautious
    31: confident
    32: serious
    33: concerned

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    30, and I noticed what might be a language barrier, because there were many cases when I would have used a fifth adjective instead of any of the four choices offered.
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    Your score: 32

    - upset for terrified (couldn't decide which, erred on the side of wrong, lol)
    - pensive for irritated
    - hostile for anxious
    - confident for ashamed (this one really confused me, dark photo)

    did anyone else notice how female eyes were often flirtatious, fantasizing, unsure, while male eyes were decisive, hostile, pensive? that sort of got on my nerves.

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    24. I was confident in about eight choices, the rest was more or less guesswork.

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    Your score: 31
    The correct answers for the ones you missed are:
    23: defiant
    25: interested
    29: reflective
    34: distrustful
    35: nervous

    Recently had an INTJ ask me how it was that I knew every moment where he was upset when he was otherwise appearing normal. I told him that I am very in tune with 'sad eyes', even if they only make themselves apparent for a split second.
    Interesting test
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    I took this test on INTPc and got 32. Trust your first impressions. Overthinking even slightly muddles it.

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    Test your social intelligence

    It's either identical enough, or not.. this has 36 (technically 37 but the first is a practice one, which I got right. )

    Your score is 30 out of 36

    How did others do on this test?
    The average score is 26. But we found that not everyone does the same on this test:

    Women, on average, score half a point higher than men.
    Young people under 18 score substantially lower than adults.

    Does this test work equally well for all people around the world?
    This test was developed in Great Britain and the images you saw were taken from British magazines in 1990's. Unsurprisingly, the test doesn't work perfectly for people who are not native speakers of English or for people who come from cultures that are very different from Britain's.

    Should you worry if you got a low score?
    No. Your screen lighting level, mood, fatigue and many other factors might have affected your score. The results of this test are useful when they are averaged across many people, but they can be inaccurate for any individual person.

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