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Thread: wow! I love the socionics test where you choose the photo of ur desert island person

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    "Choose between a dude sitting on a couch and a dude picking some corn"

    I think I just ended up clicking on all the hot people

    Anyway, I got this:

    Sociotype: ILI-0
    aka INTp, The Critic, , and Intuitive Logical Introvert
    Other Possible Types

    1. LII (INTj): 77% as likely as ILI
    2. ILE (ENTp): 76% as likely as ILI
    3. LIE (ENTj): 73% as likely as ILI

    VI Component Results (worth 30% of test)
    Quadra Distribution

    1. Delta: 26%
    2. Gamma: 26%
    3. Alpha: 24%
    4. Beta: 23%

    Top 4 Types

    1. ILE
    2. ILI
    3. LII
    4. EII

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    Sociotype: ILE-1Ti
    aka ENTp, The Inventor, , and Intuitive Logical Extrovert
    Other Possible Types

    1. SLE (ESTp): 71% as likely as ILE
    2. ILI (INTp): 62% as likely as ILE
    3. LII (INTj): 60% as likely as ILE

    Brief Description of ILE

    Using extroverted intuition as her base function and introverted thinking as her creative, the ILE is adept at generating a thousand solutions for the same problem. Unlike the LII who is bound by the rules he follows, the ILE sees these same rules as flexible and enabling--they can be altered and adjusted to enable every new idea the ILE conceives. In fact, the rules are often completely rewritten for every new idea the ILE has. At her best, the ILE is capable of learning complex and abstract concepts faster than almost any other sociotype and building off this knowledge to create a multitude of theories and ideas. At her worst, the ILE is often so inundated by new thoughts that actualizing one singular idea to fruition can be difficult. And although the ILE is good at understanding more abstract phenomena, the ILE often struggles understanding the more nuanced societal norms of interaction, which can cause her to be unsure of the appropriate action when socializing. Learn more about the ILE here!

    How cool.
    There were too many cool guy partying vs srs dude with a bowtie

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    Sociotype: SEI-0
    aka ISFp, The Mediator, , and Sensing Ethical Introvert
    Other Possible Types

    1. SEE (ESFp): 100% as likely as SEI
    2. ESE (ESFj): 96% as likely as SEI
    3. ESI (ISFj): 76% as likely as SEI

    Using introverted sensing as her base function and extroverted intuition as her creative, the SEI excels at creatively applying her introverted sensing to improve the mood of those around her. As with the ESE, the SEI is in tune with people's emotional states and seeks to mitigate conflict and encourage a harmonious atmosphere. The SEI's creativity is practically unlimited, and this skill is used in a number of pursuits including graphic design, music, and culinary arts, to name a few. Generally speaking, this creativity is channeled towards uses that will have a positive impact on at least one person's emotional state; as such, the SEI would prefer not to channel her creativity towards more impersonal endeavors. At her best, the SEI applies sensori stimuli (in the form of art, good food, etc.) to make herself and those around her comfortable and content; at her worst, the SEI can become highly emotional, and these emotions can become very volatile--changing quickly from happiness to sadness to anger within minutes. Furthermore, these volatile and strong emotional states will be shared freely with those around her--to either their pleasure or detriment. Learn more about the SEI here!

    Yep, sounds like me.

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    Hmmm, interesting test, I'd not seen this one before. The photograph part was kinda cool!

    Sociotype: EII-0

    aka INFj, The Empath, , and Ethical Intuitive Introvert

    Using introverted feeling as her base function and extroverted intuition as her creative, the EII is adept at understanding people's internal drive and motivation. She often acts reserved, respectful, and polite around others she does not know well but will eventually open up more. She implicitly trusts her intuition when judging someone, and this intuition serves her well at grasping more abstract concepts. EIIs need to constantly set new goals for themselves and they care deeply about meeting these goals. However it should be noted that these goals are very personal, and she places less weight on the conventional achievements that society values, so often any correlation is largely coincidental. At her best, the EII is known for respecting other people's beliefs and values while also being an overachiever at school and work; at her worst, the EII's compassion and empathy can cause her undue harm when the people she cares about are suffering. Overall, the EII cares about diligence, meeting one's individuals goals, and respecting others; she distates behavior that is overtly loud, abrasive, or aggressive.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    Hmm ILI, which says INTp. However the description is different from what I've read as MBTI description of MBTI, and I must say, it seems to fit better. Anyone else who has the same idea?
    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    intp or enfp or infj wow there are worlds in between that types. Either you have a 3 person split personality with a precise emergence of at least one personality when answering a new question or the test sucks.

    It must suck it told me I am intp ! Imagine that !!!
    Yes.....I'm going with "the test sucks", but also "Socionics sucks".
    "Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself. But it's always with love - So much love it looks like everything else. Charlotte Sometimes - So far away, glass sealed and pretty." - The Cure

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    Default Socionics test

    Here is a socionics test I found by searching online. There are two versions a short one and a long one, check it out and post your results.

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    My results for the short test were ISFP (SEI) and my results for the long test were SLI(ISTP).

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    Anew Leaf


    On the extended I got INFp, with INFj second, and ENFj third, and INTp fourth.

    I always test as INFp on Socionics... and yet I think I am more INFj if you break down the functions.

    Interestingly enough on the breakdown I scored equal in Ni and Ne and equal in Fe and Fi. So no idea what this means, .


    aka INFp, The Romantic, , and Intuitive Ethical Introvert

    Other Possible Types
    1.EII (INFj): 81% as likely as IEI
    2.EIE (ENFj): 78% as likely as IEI
    3.ILI (INTp): 76% as likely as IEI

    VI Component Results (worth 30% of test)--Still In Development

    Quadra Distribution
    1. Beta: 35%
    2. Alpha: 26%
    3. Delta: 26%
    4. Gamma: 13%

    Model A Function Strengths and Values

    Function- Information Elements - Relative Strength - Relative Value

    Leading - Ni - 44% - 44%
    Creative - Fe - 31% - 31%
    Role - Si - 6% - 6%
    Vulnerable - Te - 19% - 19%

    Suggestive - Se - 6% - 44%
    Mobilizing - Ti - 19% - 31%
    Ignoring - Ne - 44% - 6%
    Demonstrative - Fi - 31% - 19%

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