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Thread: Asperger quiz...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloé View Post
    woot, why did i score so low??? i really was honest. i even put 1 on "do you think that hygine rules are too strict?" LOL.
    I put zero on that. I clean up quite nicely, but I think it's a chore.

    It's probably because you're sociable. I'm sociable too, but I got a fairly large number of eccentric aspie traits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    I put zero on that. I clean up quite nicely, but I think it's a chore.

    It's probably because you're sociable. I'm sociable too, but I got a fairly large number of eccentric aspie traits.
    many questions arent about being sociable... more like "do you enjoy mimicking animal sounds"

    or my favorite one : "Do you have a fascination for slowly flowing water?"

    Now thinking about it, when I am on toillet... I usually put on water in sink next to me and play with her. BUT thats ONLY when I dont have newspapers to read! It DOESNT count! :steam:

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    Average results for those whose type and score were both clearly indicated...

    Overall: 101 Aspie, 106 Neurotypical (n=64)
    ENFP: 77, 139 (n=6)
    ENTP: 119, 82 (n=4)
    INFJ: 73, 134 (n=4)
    INFP: 111, 97 (n=14)
    INTJ: 114, 94 (n=6)
    INTP: 118, 87 (n=14)
    ISFP: 111, 101 (n=3)
    ISTJ: 76, 119 (n=3)
    ISTP: 85, 113 (n=3)
    xNTP: 112, 108 (n=2)
    All types not listed had n=1 or n=0

    Of the types listed above, ENFP and INFJ were most neurotypical; INTJ, INTP, and ENTP were least.

    All E's: 82, 127
    All I's: 106, 101

    All N's: 105, 102
    All S's: 81, 125

    All F's: 98, 113
    All T's: 105, 99

    All J's: 86, 120
    All P's: 106, 102

    According to these results, we would expect INTP to be most Aspie and ESFJ most neurotypical.

    Ne/Si users: 106, 101
    Ni/Se users: 89, 121

    Fe/Ti: 105, 100
    Fi/Te: 99, 111

    Ne-doms: 94, 116
    Ni-doms: 94, 116 (not a typo, they're really the same)
    Se-dom: 34, 175 (n=1)
    Si-dom: 76, 119 (n=3)
    Fe-dom: n=0
    Fi-dom: 111, 100
    Te-dom: 47, 161 (n=2)
    Ti-dom: 112, 91

    I don't think any of the data here is significant. The large differences are all untrustworthy due to sample size. Everything with n>3 is between 94-112 Aspie and 91-116 Neurotypical.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    A neurotypical INTP is a rare sight indeed.
    This really isn't true. I realize this sample is biased. Probably no more than 20% of the population has Asperger's, but it's close to a 50/50 split in this thread, so it's obviously not reflective of the larger population, skewing far away from average neurotypical levels.

    That said, 14 self-identified INTPs have posted to this thread. Of those 14, only 6 scored 50 points higher (or more) on Aspie than Neurotypical, and 4 scored at least 50 points lower; the remaining four were rather balanced (+27, +4, -7, -33). IRL, I would be shocked if under 50% of INTPs were neurotypical.

    And I didn't mean to imply that I felt my results were inaccurate or overestimated my neurotypicality; rather, I suspect most of the lines in my diagram should go a bit farther out than they do, but in the same directions, with the same proportions. Basically, it may be squished toward the center a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burymecloser View Post
    Interesting. I always wonder if my results are more moderate than they should be, because I dislike committing to answers; I chose "1" a lot.
    I would at least believe average scores would seem more likely than extreme ones(like little to no aspie score or little to no neurotypical scores).

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    Your Aspie score: 136 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 71 of 200
    You are very likely an Aspie

    I have no diagnosis, but always wondered. Does anyone have any thoughts about answering these types of questions as you feel now vs. how you were as a kid? Considering how much we learn to cope with things as we grow older, this would certainly produce different results. Well, for me they would, I guess I should say.
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    I can't be bothered taking this again. It's too long. But when I did take it, I think I had about 80 neurotypical and 115 Aspie. So um... make of that what you will. It said I had both Aspie and neurotypical traits.
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    Final version 2

    Thank you for filling out this questionnaire.

    Your Aspie score: 143 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 67 of 200
    You are very likely an Aspie

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    Your Aspie score: 72 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 147 of 200
    You are very likely neurotypical

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    Your Aspie score: 148 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 50 of 200
    You are very likely an Aspie

    ...oh dear...


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    img] =63&p8=57&p9=54&p10=45&p11=30&p12=60[/img]

    Your Aspie score: 107 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 82 of 200
    You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits
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