BTW, did you know that 'tactical skills' is kinda considered second to 'strategic skills' in the corporate world? Strategists are basically the 'C level execs' and 'tacticians' are the middle to upper middle management that executes the day to day. Boo! Tacticians basically carry out the larger initiatives set out by strategists. You NT snobs!!! >

But yeah, 'tactical skills' was what I ranked highest in.

Tactical Skill Set

Read the current context, the situation, and skillfully mange that situation
Effect a desired result, often coming up with a variety of solutions
Take action according to the needs of the moment and plan the next move
Cleverly display, compose, and perform with attention to impact and effect
Best environment to nurture this skill set:

Freedom to respond to the needs of the moment
Variety and quick response are appreciated
Opportunities to take action and have impact

Temperament was NF first, then SP second. SP does sound like me, especially at work. I like to wing it.