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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    My thoughts exactly...

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    When rating male faces


    You seem to have a preference for extrovert faces. This means you might also prefer partners who have this personality type.

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    90% preference for extroverted faces. They looked so alive, present, loving, and fun. Introverts can seem that way too, but probably not until they know me. And still, that's only when I'm comparing the same faces to each other. I don't care how much a woman looks like she wants to murder me, if she's hot, she's hot.
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    I got 50/50
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    Ph, 50/50 too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcontent View Post
    I don't know how this test is reliable. However, sometimes I think of myself bieng a mild depressed extraverted who mistype as introverted.

    More, in test page, this statement I don't know how is right, but in according to it I am more extraverted than intraverted. And you?

    Extroverts, who are at ease with strangers, may be more likely to smile and appear relaxed.

    Introverts, who are by definition more reserved, may show less expression in their face when interacting with new people.
    Other scientist have been testing a similar theory. Extroverts do seem to appear more facially expressive; that's the subtle difference people are noticing in pictures. The study below came up with similar results.

    Posting Pics Online? What Your Photos Say About You | LiveScience:
    For the controlled poses, the observers accurately judged extraversion and self-esteem. When participants looked at the naturally expressive shots, which revealed dynamic non-verbal cues, they were nearly spot-on, getting nine out of the 10 traits correct (everything but political orientation).

    For instance, both the neutral and expressive photos garnered about a 70 percent success rate.

    "Extraversion is one of those things that's probably the easiest trait to judge," Naumann told LiveScience. "Even without seeing whether someone is smiling or not people can pick that up."

    But when judging likeability, observers got it right on average for 55 percent of the photos with neutral poses and 64 percent of the expressive photos. Similar results were found for agreeableness, with participants judging correctly 45 percent of the time for neutral poses compared with 60 percent in the expressive images.

    Beyond pure science, the researchers say the results, which will be detailed in the December issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, have practical implications.

    For example, if you want to come off as an extravert, try to smile more, stand in energetic and less tense ways, and gear your overall appearance to look healthy (as opposed to sickly), neat and stylish, the study found. For those interested in seeming open to new experiences, it'd be best to show off a distinctive style of dressing rather than a healthy, neat appearance.
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