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Thread: 3dpsyche?

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    Hi Everyone,

    This page was a personal project I created back when I got obsessed with MBTI. It was, by no means finished when you guys saw it. In fact I posted it just not to forget all my work and have it somewhere. It was mostly a personal exercise, and I didn't advertise it anywhere.

    I saw the debate on this forum and the fact that many of you took the test and I revised the site, cleaned it up and tried to prefect tune up the test.

    Thanks for visiting back the, and sorry for all the frustration. The truth is that I didn't intent for anyone to visit them. Fell free to do it now. I would really love the input

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    The site is

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    Results: iNFj

    The best concept to define the focus of this state is duty. It happens when we are physically, rationally and emotionally tense. In it we are prepared to act towards a predetermined interest. We have no time for banalities, and feel deeply involve, pro or con, with everything. Although it seems socially open, it is more socially committed, and its sense of society could be exclusive.

    By definition, this is the state of action, order and value. When opening, it links to the Ethical, Protectoral and Entrepreneurial. When internalizing, it links indirectly to the Passional, Philosophical and Industrial.

    Its main properties are bringing action to philosophies, order to passions, and value to industry. This defines our ability to carry on our ideals with conviction and sense of duty.
    Rulers, Authorities, Delegates, Enforcers…

    People who have a strong tendency to this state love being productive, are passionate about orders, and religious about habits. They tent to achieve relaxation through control. They are committed, and remain focused on their duties even on vacations. Others would think they make a big event out of trivial things, or stress out when there is no need to. They are effective to carry out an enterprise, as they struggle to cover every subject. They may tent to feel righteous. This can make them the most decisive and successful people, but the less likely to question their goals. They love acknowledging merits, and search to inspire others. They enjoy having strong adversaries, but mostly, they enjoy power and victory.

    This state has three tendencies towards introversion: self-reliance due to action,which may cultivate impatience, competition and aggressiveness; stubbornness due to order, which may cultivate inflexibility and strictness; and self-absorption due to value, which may cultivate sensitivity and bias.

    People that are strongly imperial like to analyze things thoroughly, but are passionate about their feelings, beliefs, likes and dislikes, and unlikely to change them or give up on them. This may constrict analysis towards a particular goal. Also, they are eager to act, and this limits patience. They look at the greater good or big picture, but are lenient towards customs, routines and personal preferences. They have great focus, but also a tunneled view. This combination results in great achievements, but could also lead arbitrarily. They tend to be philosophic when things are under physical control, joyful when things are in order, and industrious about their desires.

    I'd say this is pretty accurate, although the imperial trait on its own is just the tip of the iceberg. This is representative of my work personality, but at home I tend to be much more relaxed and deeply involved in my inner world, more in touch with emotions.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Rather strange test.

    I got Spirtual (INFJ) I/E 57%/43% S/N 26%/74% T/F 37%/63% J/P 55%/45%

    The best concept to define the focus of this state is essence. It happens when we are physically relaxed, but emotionally tense and rationally flexible. We are in this state when searching ideals, meanings, significance or transcendence; when we are involved in abstract reverence. We look to study our values, and conceive and expose our feelings. We are devoted to ideas, and enjoy exploring and elaborating on them.

    By definition, this is the state of abstraction, inquiry and value. When opening, it links to the Cordial and Ideational. When internalizing, it links to the Sentimental and Philosophical, and indirectly to the Conceptual and Protectoral.

    Its main characteristic is pondering sentiments or placing values on concepts, all while avoiding physical engagement. This defines our ability to be exalted, repulsed or devoted to things that are only grasped by the mind, while being absent from physical surroundings or escaping what is tangible or presented to the senses.

    Missioners, Idealists, Therapists, Healers…

    People who have a strong tendency to this state focus on their feelings and are open to analysis. Their attention goes to where ideals and believes are. For them, being a visionary is more pressing than physical possessions or productivity. They plan and care for what is emotionally important or relevant, and avoid more practical but non-transcendental activities. They feel comfortable in secular environments, but will always question the purpose in search for better things. Their visions may seem compelling and pleasurable, while reality may seem dull and dirty. They may abandon quests following their feelings, and dislike definite, predictable and rigorous things. They are impulsively protective of things they value, but might overlook physical abilities, facts or needs. They may be bias about their preferences; but, they are open to reflect upon their feelings.

    They have two tendencies towards introversion: self-reliance due to abstraction, which may cultivate rumination, shyness and passive aggression; and self-absorption due to value, which may cultivate sensitivity and bias.

    People that are strongly spiritual are open to suggestions, information and exploration, but these are all conditioned by an intense desire to carry an ideal. This can make them reject or adopt things, and may interfere with interpretations, giving a sense of clarity at times and disdain at others. They pursue a definite passion in order to be creative; this can tends to make them artistic or enthusiasts.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    I scored
    iNTp // 92% logical, 87% philosophical and, what's really weird, 83% industrial overall,
    iSTp // 93% lethargical, 88% logical, 88% dynamical daily,
    iSTj // 77% histrionical, 77% entrepreneurial, 67% industrial / dynamical tone.

    That's kind of contradicting itself and also a bit off for me, but I still enjoyed the test for its unusual approach...
    |R|lUEI | INFP

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    Thanks guys for taking the test. I;m still tinkering with the precision of the conversion to mbti. I noticed some of the measures were a little off. It should be a little stronger now. Your participation helps a lot.

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    Judging by the results, it does follow that your state when you are relaxed and in a personal environment will be the Philosophical. Which I am guessing was your second in proximity. That is the closest internal/abstracted state of all imperials.

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