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    Extroverted (E) 64.71% Introverted (I) 35.29%
    Sensing (S) 64.52% Intuitive (N) 35.48%
    Feeling (F) 73.53% Thinking (T) 26.47%
    Judging (J) 53.13% Perceiving (P) 46.88%

    Your type is: ESFJ

    ESFJ - "Seller". Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population.

    Note - I think someone was on LSD/mushrooms when this was wrote .. What a pile of shit .

    Yes - thinks life has purpose/meaning,organized,outgoing,open, easy to read,affectionate, planner, regular, orderly, clean, finisher,content, positive, loves getting massages, complimentary, dutiful, loving, considerate,

    Nope -does not like being alone, values organized religion, social, does not like strange people/things - likely intolerant of differences, dislikes science fiction, values relationships and families over intellectual pursuits, group oriented, follows the rules, religious, consults others before acting.

    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
    ― Georgia O'Keeffe

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    Default Surprising.

    Introverted (I) 77.42% Extroverted (E) 22.58%
    Intuitive (N) 65.71% Sensing (S) 34.29%
    Thinking (T) 72.22% Feeling (F) 27.78%
    Judging (J) 70.59% Perceiving (P) 29.41%

    Your type is: INTJ

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    Jung Test Results

    Introverted (I) 90% Extroverted (E) 10%
    Intuitive (N) 90% Sensing (S) 10%
    Feeling (F) 54.55% Thinking (T) 45.45%
    Judging (J) 75.86% Perceiving (P) 24.14%

    Your type is: INFJ

    INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
    03/23 06:06:58 EcK: lex
    03/23 06:06:59 EcK: lex
    03/23 06:21:34 Nancynobullets: LEXXX *sacrifices a first born*
    03/23 06:21:53 Nancynobullets: We summon yooouuu
    03/23 06:29:07 Lexicon: I was sleeping!

    04/25 04:20:35 Patches: Don't listen to lex. She wants to birth a litter of kittens. She doesnt get to decide whats creepy

    02/16 23:49:38 ygolo: Lex is afk
    02/16 23:49:45 Cimarron: she's doing drugs with Jack

    03/05 19:27:41 Time: You can't make chat morbid. Lex does it naturally.

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    INFp Ni


    Introverted (I) 78.57% Extroverted (E) 21.43%
    Intuitive (N) 84.38% Sensing (S) 15.63%
    Feeling (F) 53.13% Thinking (T) 46.88%
    Judging (J) 55.88% Perceiving (P) 44.12%
    Your type is: INFJ
    I can't understand why I always score J when I have strong use of neither Te nor Fe.
    [ Ni > Ti > Fe > Fi > Ne > Te > Si > Se ][ 4w5 sp/sx ][ RLOAI ][ IEI-Ni ]

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    I took this test for like the third time and I made sure I thought every single question through to the best of my ability and I got this:

    Introverted (I) 54.29% Extroverted (E) 45.71%
    Intuitive (N) 57.58% Sensing (S) 42.42%
    Thinking (T) 50% Feeling (F) 50%
    Perceiving (P) 74.19% Judging (J) 25.81%

    Your type is: INTP

    INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.
    *If you tied on any of the scales, the current algorithm just breaks the tie randomly so refresh the page to see alternate results

    To place your results on your own site use the following code:

    Enneagram Test Results

    The Enneagram is a personality system which divides the entire human personality into nine behavioral tendencies, this is your score on each...

    Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||| 36%
    Type 2 Helpfulness |||||| 26%
    Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||||||| 66%
    Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||| 60%
    Type 5 Detachment |||||||||| 40%
    Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
    Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 46%
    Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||||| 80%
    Type 9 Calmness |||||||||| 36%

    type score type behavior motivation
    6 26 I must be secure and safe to be happy.
    8 24 I must be strong and in control to be happy.
    3 20 I must be impressive and attractive to be happy.
    4 18 I must avoid painful feelings to be happy.

    This is not the first time I typed as INTP.

    I know I have high Fi Ne and Ti. I just don't know anymore how extroverted I am or if I ever really make any decisions based on feelings. I always seem to logic myself out of things. And my Fe is ridiculously low.

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    7w8 sx/so


    As if there was any doubt...

    Your type is: ESTP

    Extroverted (E) 77.14% Introverted (I) 22.86%
    Sensing (S) 60% Intuitive (N) 40%
    Thinking (T) 72.22% Feeling (F) 27.78%
    Perceiving (P) 51.43% Judging (J) 48.57%

    Not a surprise that I am near balanced on S/N and P/J, as I did test ENTJ in the past...but that was then, this is now.
    Type Stats:
    MBTI -> (E) 77.14% | (i) 22.86% ; (S) 60% | (n) 40% ; (T) 72.22% | (f) 27.78% ; (P) 51.43% | (j) 48.57%
    BIG 5 -> Extroversion 77% ; Accommodation 60% ; Orderliness 62% ; Emotional Stability 64% ; Open Mindedness 74%

    "If somebody asks your MBTI type on a first date, run". -Donna Cecilia
    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    9w8 sx/sp
    SEE Fi


    Introverted (I) 65.79% Extroverted (E) 34.21%
    Sensing (S) 54.55% Intuitive (N) 45.45%
    Thinking (T) 61.54% Feeling (F) 38.46%
    Perceiving (P) 71.43% Judging (J) 28.57%

    Your type is: ISTP

    ISTP - "Engineer". Values freedom of action and following interests and impulses. Independent, concise in speech, master of tools. 5.4% of total population.

    Seems pretty accurate. On the border of S/N and T/F, lightly I, and a pronounced P.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    Introverted (I) 71.43% Extroverted (E) 28.57%
    Intuitive (N) 58.82% Sensing (S) 41.18%
    Feeling (F) 55.88% Thinking (T) 44.12%
    Judging (J) 67.74% Perceiving (P) 32.26%
    Your type is: INFJ

    I'm sure I am an INFJ, even I seem close on S/N and T/F here.... sometimes my J prefers specific examples to general ones .... and I guess the closeness on the F/T score is influenced by me writing my master's thesis at the moment, and the general development of my tertiary Ti, which I have noticed recently .... There's no way I am not an NF....

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    It is nice to know that test detects the fact that I am no longer uber introvert.

    Introverted (I) 58.62% Extroverted (E) 41.38%
    Intuitive (N) 89.29% Sensing (S) 10.71%
    Thinking (T) 90% Feeling (F) 10%
    Judging (J) 83.33% Perceiving (P) 16.67%

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    7w6 so/sx



    Extroverted (E) 63.33% Introverted (I) 36.67%
    Intuitive (N) 55.26% Sensing (S) 44.74%
    Thinking (T) 59.38% Feeling (F) 40.63%
    Perceiving (P) 62.16% Judging (J) 37.84%
    When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.

    Video Challenge Question Video
    Race: Werepire
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    7w8 sx>so>sp
    Give me an E! E
    Give me a N! N
    Give me a T! T
    Give me a P! P
    What's that? Yeah right, that's me!

    Always expect the unexpected! - Terry Pratchett

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