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Thread: Musical skill tests online

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    Default Musical skill tests online

    Test your musical skills in 6 minutes!
    Measure your rhythm comparison abilities!
    Measure your pitch perception abilities!

    These tests are not easy. Prepare to be humbled.

    My own scores. (I sing as a hobby and have attended a music institute as a kid.)

    Tone: 80.6 (actually at first try 78.8 but I was preoccupied so I thought it fair to retake the test)
    Rhythm: 80.0 (at another try 84.0)
    Pitch: 0.45 Hz (whoa, I retook it and my score was 0.30 Hz now I'm proud)

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    When I was younger, I tried to teach myself musical instruments, but basically have had not musical experience for almost 11 years.

    Tone Score:75%
    Rhythm: 60%
    Pitch: 6 Hz

    Shows what talent and training can do I guess. I'm impressed Kaveri.

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    75% Tone
    84% Rhythm
    2.1 Hz

    I don't consider these too bad, since I've had little to no musical training. (Wish tone was better though.) My problem is getting my voice to do what my head wants it to. I'd like to learn a musical instrument, but it takes so much time to do, and I have so many interests.... (Story of my life.)
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    Tone: 75%
    Rhythm: 68%
    Pitch: 3.9 Hz

    That was a fun test
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    88 on rhythm, and I still have two left feet on the dance floor.

    Edit: On the other hand, I can manage this one on DDR's "difficult" setting, if for nothing else from repetition by way of enjoyment.

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    Tone: 76
    Rhythm: 69
    Pitch: 6.45 Hz
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    86% on the Are-these-phrases-the-Same-or-Different test in the first link. The PMS questions at the end were a nice touch, I thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by htb View Post
    88 on rhythm, and I still have two left feet on the dance floor.

    Edit: On the other hand, I can manage this one on DDR's "difficult" setting, if for nothing else from repetition by way of enjoyment.

    [And yes, I had to look up DDR; I live under a rock, apparently.]

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    94.4% tone
    2.7 hz (got distracted by friends asking what the noise was)
    88% rhythm

    Used to play the piano, for like two months. Hated it so stopped. Constantly invent music in my head though.

    Anyone else use their imagination? Just imagining some form of dance to the music, and if the things/people danced differently the beat was different?
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    tone deaf:55.6% but I already knew I had a hard time hearing different pitches.
    37.2 Hz

    I've known I was musically challenged so I was kinda expecting these scores.

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    Pitch: It seems as if you had some difficulty with this test, or your pitch perception abilities are outside the range of this test.

    Rhythm: 68.0% Correct

    Tonedeaf: Never loaded.

    No wonder I'm not an auditory learner. My ears are fine and I'm hyper-sensitive to loud noises but I seem to have several problems related to remembering, processing and interpreting sounds.

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