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    Jul 2007

    Smile That was so cool/fun!

    I'm 15 w/ no musical training.
    I've been singing my whole life. I think music test like this are so fun!

    tone: 72.2%
    rhythm: 80%
    pitch: uh, I had .378 Hz.. (took it again and got .856 hz or something like that)
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    Senior Member Kyrielle's Avatar
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    Apr 2007


    Tone: 83.3%
    Rhythm: 64%
    Pitch: 1.5Hz

    Not too bad. It only shows I'm not too great with rhythm, which I'm not really.

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    Sep 2007


    Tone Deaf test - 75%

    Adaptive pitch test - 2.7 Hz - somewhere between very good and good. (Which explains why I use an electronic tuner to tune my 12 string guitar.)

    Rhythm test - 68% - once again not quite very good, but above normal

    It is a humbling test for a musician.
    I didn't think I would test so poorly.

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    ish red no longer *sad* nightning's Avatar
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    Apr 2007


    Tone: 88.9%
    Rhythm: 72% I really should have done better. My excuse is I gotten confused with too many sounds.
    Pitch: 3.15 Hz

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    tone: 80.6% correct
    rhythm: 76.0% correct
    pitch: .825 Hertz


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    Tone Deaf: 77.8%
    Rhythm: 72%
    Pitch: 15 Hz

    It's weird that I scored so low on the pitch test because I got nearly every one correct. Hm.

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    Default SOO proud of myself

    Tonedeaf: {withheld...but it was bad...very bad}
    Pitch : 1.8
    Rhythm : 1st try (without using 'replay' until last question): 88%
    2nd try (without checking answers from previous attempt): 92%

    Frankly, I was disappointed with my 'tonedeaf' results because I so badly want to sing well and I am tone deaf. I already know I'm tone deaf because my voice instructor recorded me singing and had me listen to it. OMG I wanted to cry.

    I have 10 years of musical training (10 piano, 4 saxaphone, just picked up guitar recently and have dabbled in operatic and jazz singing in my adult life).

    And I have been told I'm a good dancer. My salsa instructor told me I had good coordination, dammit so it's not just in my head!!!

    I didn't take dancing classes as a child, but I always like dancing like a maniac and still do regularly at clubs and have taken some beginner dance classes (salsa, ballet, hip hop) as an adult and am a shameless DDR addict (I will shove little kids off the machine to take my turn) & I love bass heavy music, which is what the rhythm clips were.

    I actually posted a thread under the NF Idyllic about the depths of people's love for music and if loving to dance is also an NF trait.

    But yes---hell yeah, I am embarassingly shamelessly PROUD of my rhythm score! Whoo-hoo! I didn't quite understand the college reading I crammed tonight, but I did score 'world class' on an online unverified rhythm test! Yeaaaaah!

    Of course... like another poster who scored in the high 80's on rhythm but has 'two left feet' I had a drum kit for a second and I couldn't teach myself to play. I didn't get it and sounded pretty sorry. However, my friend's 10 year old nephew was MUCH MUCH better than me after picking up the drumsticks on the first try.

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    Tone deaf: 80.6%
    Rhythm: 80%
    Pitch: 1.35 Hz

    I might have done better if I hadn't been listening to my iPod as loudly as I have been over the years...

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    Tone: 83.3 % (one try)
    Rythm: 88.0 % (used all the replay options, but only one try)
    Pitch: 1.8 Hz (one try, several replays)

    I have no musical training and don't have a good singing voice. (Bugs me, cause I hear it not quite hitting the tone or sliding off it, but seem unable to make it do what I want. It's not a bad voice, but not as pure and smooth as I want it.)

    Edit: Redid the pitch test and came in at 1,05 Hz now.

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    With no musical training...

    Pitch: 3.9 Hz (done fairly quickly... second time around was 2.1 Hz)
    Rhythm: 80%
    Tone: 63.9 (Ooh dear. A replay button would have been useful, though, some of them I felt like I completely forgot what the first one was before the second one even started. >< I'll try it again later.)

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