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    Default What Kind of a villain would you be ?

    Since people like tests about bad guys here is another one.

    What kind of a villain would you be?

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    What Kind of a Super-Villain Would You Be And Why

    Created by Eunike


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    The Treacherous Temptress is the epitome of a Femme Fatale. She's usually sexy, desirable, and very intelligent, and very aware of how to use her beauty as a weapon. The Treacherous Temptress is a very dominative person, who loves attention and pushing people's buttons. She's also very vain and selfish, which is why she loves to manipulate people to do things for her. Her urge to control people and will to get everything she wants by all means possible is also the very reason she is such a bad-ass. She appears to be interested in everyone she interacts with, but the truth is that the only perosn she cares about is herself.
    Strengths: Manipulation. Knows exactly how to handle people to make them do whatever she wants without noticing what her true intentions are. Also, she knows how to subtly incite people to fight each other instead of fighting her.
    Weaknesses: Vanity. As reckless as she is, she's not ready to put her life at stake for anything or anyone.
    Famous Treacherous Temptresses: Circe, Rebecca from Rebecca, the Sirens.
    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Treacherous Temptress because knowing that you hold the power over everyone in your life makes you feel secure and strong, and because you need constant admiration to live. To avoid this, try to give as much as you receive and think about the consuquences of your actions before doing it - something that you do that gives you little pleasure may just ruin the life of somebody else.

    omg rofl

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    Your Result

    You're the BLACK KNIGHT!

    The Black Knight was not born evil. There was a time when s/he was just a normal person with ambitions, who eventually went too fark in the seek of power, and turned to the dark side. S/he's very strong, determined, and power-hungry, and doesn't let anything come between him/her and world domination.
    Strengths: Physical strength and combat skills. The Black Knight is a very powerful opponent because of his/hers suberb fighting skills, magical powers, or sheer strength.
    Weaknesses: Greed. The Black Knight is very power-hungry, and sometimes money-grubbing as well. S/he doesn't know when to stop, which might help bringing him/her down.
    Famous Black Knights: Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Saruman from the Lord of the Rings.
    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Black Knight because you're a determined, curious and power-hungry person, and ready to put your ambitions before everything else. To avoid this, spare a thought to all the things you're missing in life due to your dreams - even if you were ready to sacrifice everything in your life to achieve your goals, it doesn't mean that those around you are willing to do the same.

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    You're the DARK AVENGER!
    The Dark Avenger is emotionally dead, at least that's what s/he thinks. S/he used to be a normal, happy person, but then something tragical happened and s/he lost it. Now s/he seeks justice and hunts down those who wronged her/him, and doesn't let anything or anyone get in between her/him and her/his revenge. The thing is that even if the Dark Avenger got her/his revenge, s/he would probably still go on killing and destroying rampantly, because the tragedy that changed her/his life changed her/his soul for good. S/he avenges her/his tragedy over and over again to anyone, or anything. S/he tries to fill the empty gap in her/his heart with the blood s/he spills, knowing that it will never be enough.

    Strengths: The Dark Avenger may be also physically strong and blessed with special powers, but her/his greatest assert is still her/his determination. S/he's ready to go as far it takes to get what s/he wants.
    Weaknesses: Traumas and surpressed memories of the past. Reminding her/him of the pain that turned her/him into what s/he is, or the happiness s/he felt before it happened may distract her/him.
    Famous Dark Avengers: O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill, Carrie from Carrie, the ghost from the Grudge.
    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Dark Avenger because you feel very angry inside,thinking that the world has hurt you badly, and sometimes you wish you could hurt the world back twice as bad just to let everyone know how you feel. To avoid this, just keep in mind that revenge is never the answer, because hurting others doesn't help you heal yourself, nor will it change the past. If you feel empty inside, filling yourself with hate will only make things first.
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    Uh, oh....

    You're the CRUEL SEDUCER!
    The Cruel Seducer is a narcissist to the core. He's too lazy and hedonistic to aspire to troublesome things like world domination, but he loves to corrupt everyone and everything in his reach, his favourite passtime being seducing and then leaving young, innocent girls (or boys). The Cruel Seducer is very vain, self-centred, lazy, and selfish. He wants everything and everyone, even things he doesn't need, but is not eager to give anything in return. He lives to pamper himself at the cost of others.
    Strengths: Good looks and seducing skills. The Cruel Seducer can be very appealing, suave and arousing whenever he wants to be, and most of the people who are yet to see the real him practically worhip him.
    Weaknesses: Lazyness. The Cruel Seducer has no backbone, and he never does anything unless he has to. Thus, he's quite easy to get rid of.
    Famous Cruel Seducers: Don Juan (Don Giovanni) from Don Juan, Wickham from Pride and Prejudice, Sebastian Valmont from Les Liaisons Dangerouses.
    If you ever became a fictional Villain, you'd be the Cruel Seducer because you can't stand misery of any kind, which leads to the point you're willingly to do anything it takes to maintain the sort of lifestyle that gives you as much pleasure as possible with the least possible effort. To avoid this, get a grip, lift yourself off the sofa and learn to take responsibilty of your actions - even if it feels good, it doesn't mean it's right.

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    Your Result
    The Psychopath is simply a sick individual. She's an insane killer, who doesn't particularly care about wealth or power, because she lives off killing, corrupting and hurting. She might seem normal on the outside, but she's mentally insane and very, very dangerous.
    Strengths: Total lack of emphaty. The Psychopath doesn't know the meaning of pity or mercy, because she's unable to feel such emotions. That's why she's so reckless and dangerous.
    Weaknesses: The Psychopath has the normal physical weaknesses of a human being, though her mind is far away from being humane.
    Famous Psychopaths: Hannibal Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs, Norman Bates from Psycho, Michael from Halloween.
    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Psychopath because "normality" makes you feel terribly anxious all the way up to the point in which you're ready to do anything to shake the system just to feel like something is real in this world. To avoid this, try to keep in touch with the real world, get help if you feel like you're losing it, and if you really feel like you're missing something in your life, change your life before you snap.


    Dude there were a lot of typos in this description...
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    You're THE MAD GENIUS!

    The Mad Genius is highly intelligent, but alas, off his/her rockers. S/he can come up with a lot of creative plans to destroy the world or kill a lot of random people, but even s/he himself/herself doesn't seem to have a clue why s/he does it. The Mad Genius can be recognized from his maniacal laughter, absurd plans, crazy eyes, and s/he usually has a themey alter-ego. S/he's a villain because s/he simply gets kicks out of causing destruction and chaos, even if s/he claimed s/he's mainly in it for the money and power.
    Strengths: His/her creative intelligence, recklessness and total lack of common sense. S/he's practically immune to normal human weaknesses, and though s/he never willingly seeks death, s/he rarely thinks of being destroyed along with the earth as a negative thing. Maybe s/he never just thinks that far.

    Weaknesses: Obsessiveness. The Mad Genius is very loyal to his/hers routines, so s/he can be very predictable, and is easy to cheat.

    Famous Mad Geniuses: Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, Joker from Batman.

    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Mad Genius because you're a wild, fun-loving person who loves chaos and always tries to find something exciting to do, but unfortunately do it regardless of the health and feelings of those not concerned. To avoid this, always try to think two seconds ahead before you do anything - a few laughs aren't always worth the damage.

    OOOoooOOOOooo the Joker eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post

    Dude there were a lot of typos in this description...
    I have noticed.

    I didn't post my score right away since I have posted it so many times already.

    The Evil Mastermind is a true genius. S/he's sophisticated, articulate, and well-informed, and the only thing that tops his/hers incredibly high IQ is his/her passion to cause destruction. The main motive to the Evil Mastermind's evil deeds is not mere malevolance, however. Due to his/hers suberb intelligence, the Evil Mastermind feels like no-one understands him/her, or that no-one around him/her is worthy of him/her. That's why s/he's very frustrated and a little bit lonely, and in the lack of soul mates and proper intelligent stimuli, s/he turns to organized crime and uses his/her talents to come up with many ways to take over the world. S/he's cold, cruel and calm.

    Strengths: His/her brain, whenever s/he uses it to come up with evil schemes, to outwit the hero, or to build deadly robots to take over the world.
    Weaknesses: Physical weakness. The Evil Mastermind is not physically particularly powerful, so s/he has a lot of minions to do all the dirty work for him/her (none that s/he would consider his partners-in-crime, though, since no-one can match his/her intelligence). When s/he gets face-to-face with the hero unarmed, s/he's very vulnerable.
    Famous Evil Masterminds: Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

    If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be an Evil Mastermind because you're intelligent and sophisticated, but also a little bit arrogant because other people sometimes seem foolish and annoying to you. To avoid this, try to remember that intelligence comes in many forms, and that intelligence isn't the gauge of human worth. Open your mind, and you'll find that you have just as many weaknesses and strengths as anyone else, which makes you equal, not the outsider you make yourself as.

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    the Mastermind.

    though I wouldn't hire minions. I wouldn't need to.
    "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."

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    I would be a vampire.


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