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Thread: EQSQ Theory and test

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    4 so/sp


    EQ - 48
    SQ - 50

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    Respondent - Average EQ - Average SQ - Brain Type
    Males - 39.0 - 61.2 - Systemizing
    Females - 48.0 - 51.7 - Empathizing
    Your Score - 49 - 68 - Systemizing

    I didn't cheat either!
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    EQ 50
    SQ 33

    Hmmm... that surprises me.

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    Respondent ---- Average EQ ------Average SQ -----Brain Type
    Males ---------- 39.0 ------------- 61.2 --------- Systemizing
    Your Score ------ 22 -------------- 93 -------- Extreme Systemizing
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

    Narcissism, plain and simple.

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    CzeCze Average

    EQ 58 (Male 39/Female 48)
    SQ 67 (Male 61.2/51.7)

    It said my EQ score was 'Extremely Empathizing' but overlal I am Systemizing.

    I don't think so...some of those 'systemizing' questions were kinda...hmm..

    My Ne keeps track of a lot of things but I don't necessarily actively pay a lot of attention to them...I'm also a pack rat and have many collections of things. I systemize not out of natural tendency but learned necessity and vanity -- I like pimping out my collections on display so I can appreciate them. I have studied art (or am a pseudo art snob, except I'm too lazy and untalented to learn fine art myself) so yes, I pay attention to how paintings and buildings are constructed IOW their form and function. Maps and train tables are easy to figure out and as someone who relied on public transportation and also had to drive to many unknown destinations you have to learn and get used to it -- but am I naturally inclined to do so? Hell no. Looking at and analyzing graphs and tables -- that is not a CzeCze party.

    Is anyone else sensing an extreme bias toward systemizing? I think the test thinks if you can read a map and keep your room clean then you are not a hopeless sissy 'feeler' ...

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    Many of the systemizing questions were such which an N would consider silly. I don't think that emphatizing and systemizing, as presented in this survey, will cover much of people's traits.

    This "systemizing" seems much like simple categorization and memorization for me, very Si thing. Well, filing system is a system.. buying your groceries with a system is a shopping system.. but well, duh?

    I found the N-kind of creative systemization almost entirely lacking in this survey.

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    Post EQSQ Tests

    These tests *are* the tests developed by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. Actually, we have a good range of EQ and SQ personalities taking the tests. I would have to check--will be glad to if anyone is interested--in the distribution of empathizers and systemizers who have taken the tests. We have thousands of data points. If I recall correctly, there is a slight bias towards systemizers. However, most of the people I would have predicted to be empathizers (and who I coerced into taking the tests!) have a high EQ, and a dismally low SQ in some cases. My guess is that there is some natural selection for systemizers in a voluntary online self-assessment of this type. Why on earth would an empathizer be interested in taking such a systematic evaluation of their personality?

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    That seems odd. EQ 50 and SQ 33, yet "empathizing" brain type. Not possible. Must be some mistake somewhere. I can check if there is an error in our calculation, but it seems to have normed correctly for everyone else. There are more SQ questions than EQ questions, which is why it is possible to get a higher SQ score and yet still be deemed an empathizer.

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    Lightbulb "Norming" EQ SQ Scores to give brain type

    Quote Originally Posted by Sahara View Post
    I'm not sure athenian, that does seem odd as your EQ is over the SQ by 1 point.

    (this is why I needed a bit of help understanding the test, I am sure i should be an empathizer, it sounds
    It is because there are more questions in the SQ test than the EQ test. Thus, the absolute scores don't tell you your EQ/SQ balance. A calculation is applied to "norm" the scores for comparison. I don't have the calculation to hand, but it is in the paper by Sally Wheelwright and S Baron-Cohen in the Resource section of (need to scroll down to find the paper). I'm sory--it is getting late here and I am probably not making much sense. I can have another go (another time) if I've failed to explain adequately.

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