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Thread: Video Embedding in Posts

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    Exclamation Video Embedding in Posts

    I've noticed people are having problems properly embedding videos. Here is my thread copied from INTPc:

    If any of you have noticed, there is now a way to embed videos into a post. No longer do you need to post a link, instead you can put the video right in the thread.

    Go to the full reply screen (or memorize the code) and you will notice a Youtube button next to the {brand new!} strikethrough button. The button next to it is for Google videos.

    To use:

    Simply hit either button and put in the appropriate information.

    For example, say you want to post the Iron Man trailer.

    The url is

    Hit the youtube button.

    The pop-up will ask you for the youtube string (here it is 6Hx6TEqrzHU). You can then title it within the brackets:

    [youtube="6Hx6TEqrzHU"]Iron Man Trailer[/youtube]

    Which gives you:

    [youtube="6Hx6TEqrzHU"]Iron Man Trailer[/youtube]

    You cannot title it like this:


    The code has not been uploaded.

    The same applies for Google videos and its button. I believe Google uses a long string of numbers to id their videos.

    The plus sign in the corner of the video it will make it bigger when viewing.
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    Thanks I was wondering.
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