I guess I haven't updated this since December of 2015 so I'll try and summarize what was done over the last year:

December 2015

HipChat – In an effort to try out a more modern interface, we added a HipChat widget to the home page. Since it required personal email addresses, it kind of died out but it was worth a shot.

MetroMobile - We tried a couple of versions of this Mobile Theme and found it to be buggy so it was disabled.

Newsletter – I tried this a few times but got busy with work so it hasn't been super regular. The capability is there and we can issue these whenever we want if someone wants to take the initiative.

June 2016

Moderator Swap @Ene stepped down from modship to make her fame and fortune. @Showbread stepped down too. @Bush Did 9/11 and @fidelia stepped back up in to the moderator role.

July 2016

Software upgade We did implement a number of new versions and software upgrades for Vbulletin, WordPress, WikiMedia and other software running on the site during the year (not all in July).

Scholarship – $3,000 in scholarships were issued to three lucky students based on their quality essays, transcripts and accomplishments. More details can be found here Typology Central Scholarship Winners. The scholarship is out there for next year as well and coverage goes worldwide.

Inactive User Plugin – I added a plugin that tracks if members have gone inactive and sends them a short email with some recent threads to see if they are interested in coming back.


Jung/Keirsey Personality Test I developed a new test that gives you Jung Cognitive Function Results, Temperament ordering. It is an ongoing work in process and is available on the home page.

September 2016

Wiki – We had problems with the Wiki stopped working for a few months where we couldn't add content. It turned out it was a PGP upgrade, which had been required to install WordPress for the Jung/Keirsey test caused VBSSO not to work anymore. With help from the VBSSO team, that got fixed

Moderation Refinements – We cracked down on moderation policies a little more after some hostility brewing related to the election. We also created a new posts screen that strips out Politics and New Events.

August – September 2016

New Mobile Style - A new mobile style was installed and refined. It automatically goes into effect when you access the forum from your phone.

December 2016

Performance Improvements – A bunch of performance improvements were made on the site including tuning caching settings, image compression, removing unnecessary software, tweaking some other server settings and installation of a Content Delivery Network. It seems to make a big difference especially for some global users not close to the US hosting site in Kansas City. The CDN also adds some kick-ass security which helps with stuff like this going on: 126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts leaked on hacking forums

SEO – I’ve tried a little bit here, a little bit there and a few other things to elevate our position in Google. It’s worked pretty well actually. It’s a fascinating area and kind of fun.

January 2017

More Mod Changes – @Ingrid in grids and @Ivy both stepped down. Thank you both!! Hawthorne has stepped in and the rest of the team has made up the slack.

February and March 2017

New Forum Style – We have a beta version of a new style that’s accessible in the style box in the left hand corner of the full page (desktop) view. It’s mostly working now. The home page, header and footer will be soon redone and more attractive. I expect this to be done within a couple weeks. With that new style, I expect to add Discord to the home page.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I had a heavy work schedule for several months which didn't leave that much time for forum stuff.