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Thread: At what age do one's cognitive functions become too developed to be typed?

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    I'm butting in again! Discussing the 'science' of MBTI is good. Sometimes we're too caught up in the theory and forget that it's just a theory, a hypothesis that can be reformed at all times.

    Even if a person is very well developed he/she might still have some sort of preference. If anything you can still look at his/her four letters. My dad uses good feeling functions to communicate to others and can pretend to be extraverted and all that, but he's an INTJ.

    One question regarding to the MBTI theory that I have, (I posted it in another thread btw): If the inferior function is so bad, then what about the other four 'unused' functions?
    So is an INFJ or an INFP worse at Se? It's the inferior of an INFJ, but nonexistent in INFP. Si, though, is the third function of INFPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PocketFullOf View Post
    Or rather, what is the age range where one can be accurately typed generally speaking?

    Additionally, are some types more inclined to have more equally developed functions earlier on or in general that would make it more difficult to type them?

    What could contribute to someone being developed with regard to cognitive functions at a young age? I suspect this might not alway be a positive thing btw.

    **note** I know I am new and I am asking a lot of questions. I'm sorry if I am annoying you all, but I am rather curious about this stuff, so the good news is it will likely stick in my brain and I likely won't have to ask again.
    What you're referring to is cognitive capabilities which generally peak well... that really depends on the person which doesn't really have anything to do with age. Some people aren't truly alive until they reach 100, even!

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