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Thread: ENFJ personality type descritpion

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    Well, that solves it. Solitary Walker had a ESFJ parent who chastised and oppressed him regularly. Now he covertly slips bias into his huge wall of text analysis of types he secretly despises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happyman View Post
    IT IS very interesting (sociology major, speaking to you ). I was thinking about PM you about it.

    I mean... I've quoted the whole post here, because I've found it somewhat scary that there MIGHT be people who do not think for themselves, who do not take time to examine what they believe in. Yet assuming this would make understanding some people much easier...

    I strongly believe that analysing our own values is what truly makes us human beings. I somehow refuse to accept that, some of us not only do not do it, but are also somehow incapable of doing it. How the hell can we have democracy with people like that?

    PS To add some spice to whole thing: I dated an ESFJ girl for a long time and... ooh... it would explain a lot if all of it was true (and make some other stuff harder to understand)... Yet I always wanted to give her privilege of a doubt.. Also I think it is too simple to look at these people like that.

    (I hope for further discussion )
    I dunno. What's your opinion of people depending on other people?

    I tend to think that the idea of duality means, truly, no one is complete by themselves.

    But, there is still the difference between introverted and extraverted feeling. Which one may claim the right to describe what society must be? Probably neither if either rules out the other. So why do both exist? Functional duality pairs Fi with Fi and Fe with Fe. And this still leaves us with a divide, the Fi people over there and the Fe people over here.

    Must there not be some point at which all people can come together? Some broader duality, bigger than just couples? Or does everyone just stop the other side from doing what it does best?

    All of us together, as a gigantic culture covering the entire planet and all of its history, what is our true function?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Decline View Post
    Well, that solves it. Solitary Walker had a ESFJ parent who chastised and oppressed him regularly. Now he covertly slips bias into his huge wall of text analysis of types he secretly despises.
    My mother is an ESFJ and my first love was an ESFJ. Collectively those two have been the cause of 90% of all angst and sadness I've ever felt. True story. That maniacal post was kind of cathartic actually. I feel ya SolitaryWalker. Oh mother dearest...can't live with her, can't live without her!

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    Pretty scary that this is so accurate, and surely frustrating, because it definitely makes ENFJ sound as unstable as they might consider themselves to be at their worst moments. Though, it is obviously focused on the extremes of all the ENFJ functions and their relationships, which makes sense because it would be too broad & pretty pointless not to describe the types at their basest level. So the whole "nutjob" thing that comes across doesn't really get to me if I regard the whole profile as helpful to be aware of when my type's stresses make me feel like a nutjob.

    Really glad you posted this.

    Oh, and I haven't read through all the posts on this yet, but I would like to say Protean mix has a point when it comes to the profiles being obviously biased. I haven't read either profile 4 times, but once over shows me something. The descriptions of Fe are completely without any praise to the function. The other ENFJ functions seem to be put in a light that glorifies them based on their ability to push back Fe. It is treated like something that needs to be conquered, and then an Fe dominant can function better overall, but there is no real description of what can be good about Fe, at least not in what I saw. I can understand this under two conditions, one: you don't know much about the good qualities of Fe, and two: you are intentionally focusing on the dominant function as dangerous, because it represents the most conflict in life to any type if overused. Are either of these true?

    Also, this whole way of seeing so much more "authenticity" in introverted qualities somewhat bothers me. I agree with Protean mix that introversion does not equal, by default, a better view of the subconscious. You could argue that Xi pulls in from the subconscious or what it believes is the subconscious but I think the external world shapes this source as much as the subconscious manifests itself. I think introverted and extroverted qualities are only seen as more or less authentic based on how their interaction with other functions expresses itself, and like the OP has said, the dominant functions of the observer. It seems to me like when this I vs E is taken seriously on this "spectrum" of sincerity protean mixed described, ENFJ is the black sheep.

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