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Thread: INTJ personality type descritpion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisica View Post
    SolitaryWalker...How can we find out unconscious tenancies, given the fact that by definition, they are not accessible to consciousness?
    SolitaryWalker doesn't post here anymore, Thisica. Luckily, I had an extensive intellectual relationship with him before I left, so I'm intimately acquainted with his ideas.

    He believes that consciously, people can shape themselves into whatever is beneficial to them, but that unconsciously, and in situations where there is no pressure to go against unconscious tendencies, the pattern will reveal itself in subtle tendencies. Many people do live in opposition to their own unconscious preferences, so he's basically saying that you can't rely on what's on the surface, but you have to watch entire PATTERNS of cognition over time in order to discern their real pattern of cognition.

    I think that he might have a point, but I'm not certain that a person would be completely unconscious of their own preferences, unless they're completely incapable of introspection.

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    This one?
    Quote Originally Posted by Thisica View Post
    It's like as though 'our' type has a wonderful balance of abilities...How can such a combination exist in harmony? It's an internal explosion waiting to happen!
    I have nothing much to say. It does make me wonder though.

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    I'm hypersensitive to everything.
    Understanding this about myself, and learning not to fight myself being who I am has been key in figuring out WTF is going on in my brain.

    It's a meeting of dualities. INTJ works with logic easily, but due to the high intuition / sensitivity - it's important to nurture both sides of myself. Logic works for some things. Feelings have to decide other things. Best option is combining the two with time and letting things play out on their own. Sometimes a decision isn't even necessary, especially when dealing with other people. Other times, I cut to the chase.

    I'll openly admit being sensitive, and openly brag about how calloused I will be if you ever dare trying to play me for my weaknesses.

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