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View Poll Results: Do you, or have you at one time, regularly used a recreational drug?

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  • I - Yes

    51 33.55%
  • E - Yes

    26 17.11%
  • N - Yes

    62 40.79%
  • S - Yes

    11 7.24%
  • T - Yes

    42 27.63%
  • F - Yes

    28 18.42%
  • P - Yes

    51 33.55%
  • J - Yes

    17 11.18%
  • I - No

    64 42.11%
  • E - No

    13 8.55%
  • N - No

    68 44.74%
  • S - No

    12 7.89%
  • T - No

    37 24.34%
  • F - No

    44 28.95%
  • P - No

    49 32.24%
  • J - No

    31 20.39%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: MBTI and drug use.

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    brat Array Mitzy's Avatar
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    yay for psychedelics haha

    i drink and ive tried a lot of drugs..its fun and all but i dont really care for them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I am INTJ and I have never used any illegal drugs.

    I don't even use legal ones.

    It's hip to be square.

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    I don't do drugs and I don't smoke. In fact, I rarely remember to take my prescription meds.

    Although I'm sure if I was recreational drug using situation, I would try it once, twice if I like it.

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    I smoke pretty regularly. Definatly enjoy the feeling but it's more it'll turn my inner muse on to an increadable level. I always end up making something new in the kitchen or writing a poem or short story. I can do those things normally, but it just kicks my creative side into overdrive. I've also done shrooms and I'm really curious about LSD. Outside of those three, I'm not gonna touch it.

    I do drink as well, but almost always just on weekends.

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    Wait, shouldn't video games qualify as a drug? I think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Wait, shouldn't video games qualify as a drug? I think so.
    They can produce results as if they are drugs (dependence, escape mechanism, etc), but in this case I think we are talking about Substances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    I'd be interested in seeing if there are any correlations between type and drug use. Not alcohol/caffeine/tobacco, they don't count. I wanted to make each MBTI type in the poll, but there is a limit, so I am doing the functions individually.

    I was going to make the poll public, but, I guess it will get more votes if it's anonymous.
    Are you trying to see what types try drugs or what types are willing to break the law to do it? Just curious because of your dismissial of alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.

    I've tried marijuana (not regularly) but I haven't tried anything else mostly because I haven't decided on a career yet and some require polygraph tests.

    But I probably wouldn't try uppers just because of my experience with caffeine.
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    I think this thread should be split up into 2 threads, like how the "one night stand content" threads have male only and female only... this one should be "yes i've used only" and "no i've not used" only that way the polls can declare all 16 individual personality types rather than misleading individual letter references

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    the real question is, which drug is most APPEALING to which type. not which type is most likely to do which drug.

    *NTP - DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) would probably be at the top of the list for "most appealing". DMT is by far the most dissociative hallucinogen. It's the only drug that can completely take you out of reality.

    ESFJ - Ecstasy. It's a touchy feely drug. ESF's would love it. NT's have higher things on their priority list.

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    Here is a format that sheds a little more light on the current poll results.

    I: 27/62 = 43.55% Yes
    E: 13/19 = 68.42% Yes
    N: 31/67 = 46.27% Yes
    S: 5/10 = 50% Yes
    T: 22/41 = 53.66% Yes
    F: 13/37 = 35.14% Yes
    P: 25/52 = 48.08% Yes
    J: 9/23 = 39.13% Yes

    According to the results so far the trait most correlated with drug use is extraversion, while the trait least correlated with drug use is feeling. The type most likely to experiment with drugs is ESTP, while the type least likely is INFJ.
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