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Thread: the Journey into Thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Well, I've seen both INFPs and INTPs type as Nines, so it's possible there is some overlapping behavior there.
    Yeah, I started an enneagram poll at INTP central and most of them were type 5's and some of them were type 9's. Two or three of'em turned out at type 4 and type 8, but they might've been unsure INTPs.

    The INFP's appear to be mostly type 4's and some of them are type 9's judging by a post on INFP.gc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImNotTooPopular View Post
    Maybe I am just the weird form of INTP, the type 9 kind instead of type 5. Maybe there's just rare emotional times when all INTPs end up feeling and acting like INFPs.
    I've always been under the impression that I'm an emotion stuffer, and I'm a lot colder and unemotional than I should be.
    I usually test as a 9 (with 4 and 5 a close second/third, respectively) and I know I'm absolutely not an INFP, though I act like one sometimes, especially under stress. If that helps.

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