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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    delphyne made a great point! when its used as a flexible tool its highly effective IMO. A general guideline to begin to form a template, not some in depth extremely accurate psychoanalytic questionnaire that gets to the root of any person. Mix and match it with your natural instincts and observations about a persons personality.
    I agree entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Flexible can turn into flimsy.

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    but if you really want to know a person any personally matrice shouldnt be rigidly used. Obviously I don't have the skill necessary to really psycho analyze people in a consistent manner, but I still believe that your actual interactions and personal interpretations should take precedence over what is in most cases a flawed or partial understanding of the matrice.
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    16-type is a tool, and more of a flashlight than a hammer if you know what you're doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dissonance View Post
    The only problem with that analogy is that I've been a fan of this ball game for two years, and my opinion of it is just changing now. Plus, I've been on this forum for almost a year now, participating in hundreds of discussions.

    Honestly, I mean no one any ill-will. But I feel obligated to share my ideas about the drawbacks to this system -- we all get comfortable here, and it's hard to question our own beliefs.

    This is all about cognitive dissonance, really. The more you use a system, the harder it will be to tell yourself that it isn't valid, because doing so means you have to admit to yourself that you may have made many more mistakes than you had originally thought. It's the same idea with pledging a fraternity. A Brother is much more likely to discuss the negative aspects of the system right at the beginning. Once they go through the pledging process, thinking of the system as negative makes them wonder why they went through all the bullshit to join. So to resolve the potential dissonance, they will literally like the fraternity more, because it's more comfortable.
    Quite so.

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