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    Default Carl Jung about Ni

    I don't know if anyone came across this amazing footage, but I want to share it with all of you and all of you should watch it!

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    I've seen it before. Good stuff no?
    @fia reintroduced it to me.

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    I've seen it but I'll gladly watch it again.

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    I had to watch him twice to make out the words he was saying =P

    I like how he pointed out that it was the intuitive woman do won the bet or whatever he said. He's right (of course, he came up with the theory lol) that sensing only tells you that "there is something". Something will happen (well, duh). Something is the way it is (of course!) Something is all sensing can tell you, but it doesn't tell you what that something really is. I just have to wave my arms around in the dark until I feel out that "something" It's the "knowing" without knowing.

    Now ...we need someone else to explain how being an N-dom works.
    You are so arbitrary.

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