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    Default xNxJs: describe Ni as you understand it

    You all saw the other threads and therefore you all know what to do.

    I am trully curious what will come out of this one. Go!
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    oh jesus.
    You are so arbitrary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thoughtlost View Post
    oh jesus.

    I know, it is not easy or clear one. But that is exactly why this thread is needed.
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    To me, this is the most interesting thread of them all, because I really dont understand Ni. Is it some sort of mystical thing or what?

    Please, INFJs, INTJs, come here, give your opinion, offer your experience.

    Thank you.

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    I really hope this thread doesn't become a shitshow or a pissing contest, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Ni is my aux function. Unlike Fe I sort of have to tune and make conscious use of my Ni. It doesn't just run automatically all the time, and only turns "on" when Fe needs it. Which admitdly is quite frequent. I describe it as my "convergence" source, that draws the common pattern from my Fe information. It's the glue and map of all of Fe's information and binary essentially, and helps decode it. It's kinda nebulous and hard to pin down, but I have spent a lot of time working to "backtrack" the sources of Ni working. I can usually do it if asked. Ni seems to work A LOT in hindsight for me, and often when it's operating in the moment (usually with Se) it will inform me of patterns that I don't understand, but know to trust. When I take a step back I am able to see what Ni threw at me, and can be kinda shocked or impressed that I noticed what I did without conscious thought. It actually used to bother me because it made me feel like I was being an egotistical charlatan with it, since I couldn't explain or back things up.

    The best way for me to describe Ni is non-linear. It's the primary reason why I have not, and never will consider myself a linear thinker. The Ni-dom users will likely make best use of this thread though, because in those cases it's fully "on" and on display at full capacity. I only use it at high, but partial capacity.

    Ni doesn't really interest me as a function anymore. I spent way too much time on it in years past, so I'm just bored with it, and much of it's talk just feels like a passive aggressive ego contest.
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    Can anyone relate to this ?

    I use Ni when ...

    When I on regual basis see the outcomes before they happen. Sometimes long before they happen.

    When most of my life is spent on preparing for the future.

    When I insist that I understand the whole picture. Past, present and future.

    When I play with long term trends in order to realize where in space and time those trends will meet/clash.

    When I am bothered by events that are vastly outside of my life span.

    When I knew more about the universe at the age of 5 than the average person knows in adult age.

    When all the time I have this though bubbles coming out of my unconciousness and offering me solutions that I couldn't figure on the spot.

    When in a matter of seconds I determine the best path out of 30 scenarios. (xNxPs do not believe me regarding this).

    When I redefine term or I am redefining terms based on circumstances. (If it is in position A than it has X effect but if it is in position B then it has Y effect). Si and Ti heavy users usually hate when I do this.)

    When I get exausted from extensive brain usage even if from the outside it looks as if I am wasting time/resting.

    When I can completely space out and ignore environment entirely.

    When I completely take away the feeling of journey from people by defining the desired/probable outcome.

    When my speech patterns and usage of words most people describe as "strange". Not wrong, just strange.

    When people see me as the elder/prophet in the group and come to me for opinions on regular basis.

    When I believe that everthing can be explained in more complex manner but there is just no enough time for that on regular basis.

    When I am careful regarding safety becuse I have a mission to accomplish and I do not want to compromise it with pointless mistakes and stuff I don't really care about.

    When people see me as very talented but very stubborn. (since they do not see what I see)

    When I cut off details in order to make point of the story much more obvious.

    When I make classification of scenarios of how the human history may end.

    When I finish peoples sentences with great precision.

    When I can see nothing but how to get from my current position to desired goals.

    When I fantasise about having god like powers.

    When I hide dark and morbid side of myself even if I like such things very much. Therefore giving the other people feeling that they know me well even if that is not really true.

    When I am certain that the ends simply has to justify the means if progress were to be made.

    When there are two parallel thinking processes in me, one is focused on environment in front of me and the other is focused on doing something completely unrelated to the current events.

    Thoughts ?

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    My experience of Ni is that it is nebulous, and as such it is sensitive to outside influences. Outside winds confuse the process by scattering the context and the process shuts down. The contents of Ni get called images, but I don't experience them as pictures. They don't have a physical presentation. But items in Ni seem to me to be distinct when I need them to be. There's a sense that I turn things over from time to time. In contemplation I can bring one collection of associations to the fore and mentally play them forward, bringing new elements to bear and turning the old associations over. The dynamo for that kind of contemplation is novelty. It doesn't happen unless playing those associations forward generates some new combination. The kinds of associations that can exist in this way depend a lot on what you've poured in in the first place - what you've read, where you've been, who you've talked to. What you're concerned with.

    I think contradiction is the key to novelty in Ni. What can not be. You make it be, and then you know something new. As introverted intution is an introverted process, and kind of contained, there's a lot that can not be. I mean that in the begining there's a lot outside of the container. So if there is at least something in the container, then there's a lot that can be known in due course after speculating on all of what can not be for that. You end up, I think, with a story of what can be.
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    Just Ni


    Um what ^?
    F O R E V E R

    When it matters, everyone's the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    To me, this is the most interesting thread of them all, because I really dont understand Ni. Is it some sort of mystical thing or what?
    I think it only seems mystical to some, especially to Extroverted Perceivers. But if you're in the thick of it, it feels natural - you're just thinking, after all.

    I think of it as like having your own private pool in the back of your mind - you live your life, and you watch the way the reflections dance on the wall, and something just rises to the surface. These things aren't really something you can say out loud, but they do "push" in a certain direction - they hint at the words you might want to say, or the words someone else might say. At the end of the day, it's a gut feeling.

    The trick then is in translating it into a "real-world" exercise, one that retains whatever the hell it is that makes it what it is. Sometimes it's astonishingly clear, and fairly straightforward to accomplish. Other times, it can be like jumping on a moving train while holding all of your luggage - you just hope you don't drop any of it in the process. Or perhaps you'll look into the world for already-existing examples of it, and point at that. But "it" is not connected to any one thing in time, so it could run the gamut and be extraordinarily broad. You might want to find a new way of expressing it, in a way that you're capable of pulling off. It will only ever be a facsimile, a small totem that hints at something inexpressibly larger, but that's just the way it is - you do what you can.

    p.s. this is another reason why it seems so mystical - it's 100% impossible to pin down without being frustratingly vague. Again, you do what you can.

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    I'm "trully curious" too. Ni is quite a mystery to me, but I still feel that I relate to it more than most functions.
    Ti = Ne > Ni > Si > Te = Fi > Se > Fe
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    My Socionics test result:

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