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Thread: Sensing/iNtuiting Game: Perceiving Differences

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I was wondering if you felt they were making some sort of agreement that would affect the jailed man/image? Or am I the only one that conspiratorially minded?
    Yes, actually that was exactly what crossed my mind. I imagined the 2 people were making a decision about the jailed person's fate...and the look on the character's face along with his hands gave me the impression that he is perhaps hopeless. See, he is not even looking at th people shaking hands, which I take to mean that he is not even trying to plead his case. Or perhaps he is looking away from them as a way to ask for help from an outside/greater source (which I would presume to be God). The painting overall gives a very cramped and lonely feeling to me now that I look at it everything is far away and unobtainale to the jailed character.

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    I had the impression that maybe they had something to do with the jailed figure being jailed (that they had framed him) and were shaking hands on either a job well done or further punishments for the jailed figure.

    Yes, I agree, there is a resignation and hopelessness about the jailed figure as it regards the men shaking hands.

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    I chose "A Space".

    I thought the space was a very cool environment; new and ripe with potential. It seemed like the type of place that you could set up a business, either your own, or rent to someone else. The light through the window signified a beautiful view. It's the type of place that artists could work for inspiration, beauty and energy. The structure is new and sturdy. It needs to be decorated with paintings or murals. The catwalk is a nice alternative area, that could be a separate workspace, or an easy way to hang paintings/paint murals. It's an expensive space, but can be utilized in a variety of ways to generate large amounts of income.
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    Picture: Eiffel tower.
    Perceiving function: most probably N.

    Why, it's the Eiffel tower from an interesting angle. It's a good photograph-- the tall tower is made to look so surrealistically flat and some of the people are twisted in an interesting way. The tower looks like some live creature spreading its legs, like an angel guarding the twisted people or a spider ready to attack them. This picture has probably been taken with a special widescreen objective. It looks like a nice, foggy day. I remember when I visited Paris.


    I' still not *absolutely* sure if I'm N or S. Because now I remember this assignment in high school. We were supposed to analyse a poem titled "Wolf". I can't remember the exact wordings, but it went along these lines (translated by me):

    "Deceitfully, unnoticeably
    I slip into my shoes and jacket
    I adapt to any situation
    I proceed alone
    Yet at night
    I return to my pack
    And together we howl"

    I remember having trouble understanding the poem. I wondered how a wolf, an animal, could wear shoes and a jacket. It disturbed me.

    Then the class analysed the poem together, and I realized that it wasn't about an actualf wolf-- the title was but a metaphor. It was about a type of people, the type of people who are willing to do or pretend anything so as to proceed towards their goal. The nazis, the anorexic, the Slytherins and so on.

    I felt ashamed that I had taken the poem so literally and I felt that everyone else must have understood it better than me.

    Also, when I took a deconstruction course at university, I thought it was a very interesting course, but it disturbed me that at first the lecturer failed to give a few enlightening examples and tell *what* exactly deconstruction was. It wasn't enough for me to know that it "happens everywhere, all the time". Ok, so does it happen under my pillow when I'm asleep? Does it happen inside a mitochondrion in my nose when I sneeze? Little by little I came to better understand what the lecturer was talking about, but at first the vagueness really bothered me.

    Occasional experiences like this make me wonder if I am truly an N.

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    I am wondering.

    I have read several of the replies, and they seem to fit so perfectly with the type of the person.


    when you know this is about S vs N and
    when you know what type you are

    .... your (subconscious) mind might provide exactly what is expected.

    ** scratches head **

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    The painting looks like it’s done by the same guy who did the famous one with the little girl with a hoop and stick. The drawing is kind of amateurish, but it’s probably intended that way for effect. I imagine most people of the period were classically trained before they jumped into surrealism. I prefer Duchamp or Max Ernst to Dali. But I prefer this guy slightly above Dali, I don’t know why. Maybe because Dali work seems more like a straight illustrator and is less painterly in his brushwork. I’ve looked at so many reprints of this guys stuff I feel desensitized to it now, but I imagine the mood would impact me more if I saw the original work in front of me on a larger scale. I like the color palette.

    I did the first thing that popped into my head and honestly forgot that I was just supposed to describe the picture in front of me; until the moment I decided to stop writing.

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    I wonder what kind of instution it belongs too. A gallery? A university? Maybe a gallery in a university – it looks a lot like the gallery space in my old university. Kind of a boring picture to describe. I’m guessing it’s around 60 feet across based on the relative size of the ramp, not that I care how wide it is; but how many other places would make this wheelchair accessible?

    It looks depressing and devoid of life; maybe depressing with life too. I can imagine all these pseudo intellectuals eating wine and cheese while pretentiously rambling about art or how talented their kids are, when they're not. Would be a cool space to live in though – I love high ceilings, but I would need to get rid of the ramp.

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    Preference: N.

    Picture: Space.

    Nice photo. The mood is calm and isolated. The light that comes from the window is blurred in a pretty way. I wonder where this place is located. I would like to retreat here in quiet. I wonder why this calming place doesn't seem to have attracted people. It looks so deserted. Perhaps the photographer has ordered everyone to get out of the photo. Then again, it wouldn't be a calming place if there were people there.

    I wonder how many people have been in this place.

    I wonder what they have done in this place.

    I wonder how this place is going to be furnished. I think it's much prettier the way it is here, unfurnished.

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    Default Painting

    Picture: painting
    Preference: N

    It is weird.

    It is probably very symbolic.

    At a first glance, I'm not a fan of this painting, but it would be interesting to know what the artist has thought when making this. I don't like the colours and shapes particularly much.

    The most prominent thing is the huge statue (who looks like a female to me) that is made to look like a living person, like a prisoner who wants to get out of her jail.

    Then there are all these arbitrary, unconnected objects lying around. At first I'm not particularly interested in them.

    I don't know what this painting means. The longer I look at it, the more interesting it gets and the more details I notice, like the direction of light throwing unnaturally strong shadows to the left, and the box that the statue is trying to reach for. The box is situated at such an irritating distance that the statue almost reaches it-- but only just can't. Oh, that must be irritating.

    Why is the statue after that boring-looking box, anyway?

    Maybe this painting depicts a dream. Dreams tend to be weird and arbitrary.

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    Here is the ultimate perceiving difference between S and N:

    Sensors know. Intuitives think.

    The way I see it, the S will indeed more likely pick up a book. The N will rely on instinct.

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