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Thread: Function Exercises

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    If you want to develop a function then study an activity that uses that function a lot. This works particularly well if you like the activity. For example if you want to develop Ti then study Math or Philosophy. If you want to develop Se then play sports. If you want to practice Fe, then go out and try to make a bunch of friends. Etc....
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    The only function you need to train is your 4th (Aspirational) - through your Leading function. Training your 4th (or any function) in a way that makes it temporarily take your Leading's place can be an interesting experiment with different ego-states and the like, but besides from that, if you're not actually about to switch type, it won't do anything good - it just turns everything upside down, your ordinary 1st becomes your 4th and so on, which makes everything very unstable. However, if you approach it indirectly, through your 1st, then you can maintain your basic approach to life and at the same time add way more depth to it - the 1st function must be directed to the 4th, it can't stay within itself (and it won't).

    Something like that.

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