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    Default How are MBTI types GENERALLY associated with Alpha, Beta, etc?

    Well this is just a discussion about the general correlation between MBTI and the alpha, beta, etc. Of course this isn't always true, you might find a rare alpha INFP or even a zeta ESTJ XD. But in general, it's probably:
    Alpha-ENXJ, ESXP, ESTJ,
    Gamma-ENXP, ISTP
    Delta-ISTJ, ISFX
    Alpha/Beta Scale (High/Mid/Low):
    INFP: low alpha, low/mid beta
    INFJ: low alpha, mid beta
    ENFP: mid alpha, mid beta
    ENFJ: high alpha, high beta
    INTP: low alpha/low beta
    INTJ: mid alpha, mid beta
    ENTP: mid alpha, mid beta
    ENTJ: high alpha, low beta
    ISFP: mid alpha, mid beta
    ESFP: high alpha, mid beta
    ISTP: mid alpha, mid beta
    ESTP: high alpha, mid beta
    ISFJ: low alpha, high beta
    ESFJ: mid alpha, high beta
    ISTJ: mid alpha, mid/high beta
    ESTJ: mid/high alpha, low beta
    So what do you think?
    I am extremely quiet, an outcast, and conflict-avoidant. But I also have strengths too, that I can forgive you all because you are unique and special. I kill with kindness, hating violence and social conflicts. People always bully me into actually talking, but I can't. Just be your true self and know your strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses we cannot change, but work on your strengths, forgive, and accept that.

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    Are you trying to compare this to the Socionics quadra system? I'm slightly confused as I assume that's what your doing. There is no omega, sigma, or lamda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    Are you trying to compare this to the Socionics quadra system? I'm slightly confused as I assume that's what your doing. There is no omega, sigma, or lamda.
    Lol, perhaps a clue then that it isn't socionics quadra :P

    I think this is like what you typically think of with like the "alpha male", but a more elaborate system. I don't know all the details, but my friend was telling me about it and said I was a delta (ISTJ).

    edit: just read an article on it, and yeah I'm definitely delta

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