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I largely find to Fe to get "in the way" of something that actually truly makes me happy. I've yet to really figure out a manner in which I can use Fe "in service of" Ti, rather than having something be the choice between the two.

Essentially, nearly ever poor decision in my life I can boil down to letting my emotions getting the best of me and overriding my sense on what I think I should do in a given situation. The general sentiment is, that if I just follow my head, everything will be okay.

Fe can continue to take a back seat.

The real problem is, I still treat Fe and "Fe-like" behaviors with complete disdain and absolute disrespect. I simply cannot accept anything that feels influenced by that attitude and I will reject it, or at least, try to grin and bear it while it eats away at my very soul.
You sound like me when I was younger. I agree that you shouldn't make decisions purely on impulse -- strong emotion screws up your judgment big time -- but I find my best decisions are not just well considered, they also feel right. Feelings are facts.