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Thread: Does your career fit your MBTI type's recommended one?

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    Yes. I am a scientist, and some type description sets even use that as the nickname for INTJ. People often associate theorists more with INTP, which makes sense. As an experimentalist doing more applied research, I am more aligned with the type characteristics of making something work and putting abstract concepts into practice.
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    I am an organic chemist. It does not fit.

    Interestingly, my research adviser is an ENFJ as well.
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    Yes. Unemployed.
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    I'm an INFJ-Enneagram 9.

    Day job: I'm a teacher.

    After hours: I'm the founder of a school of the arts. We offer courses in visual arts, literary arts, music and martial arts. I instruct courses in all of these disciplines. What little money I make goes back into the school. Yet, I continue to operate in an economically deprived region. I have a vision for the school and every day I'm working toward it. It takes a lot of time.

    My other jobs: I'm a muralist. I spend many of my weekends on scaffolds, painting.

    Writer: I have several traditionally published (not self published) novels under my belt and am working on a new one. I am also an internationally recognized poet. I also write non-fictional essays and have been published in journals, magazines, etc.

    Between working, painting, promoting my arts school, writing, promoting my writing, daily doing martial arts training, keeping up with the paperwork and finding time for my family, I have very little "free" time, but I'm very good at multi-tasking and yet, staying on target.

    I have a devoted team that works with me. I couldn't do it without their help.

    I believe in doing what I love and giving it all I've got.

    Still, no wonder Type C is the only forum I do!

    For the record, my second choice was med school, but I worried that it would cut into my creativity time.
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    Dunno I work two jobs. But they certainly don't feel natural if that's what the thread is getting at.

    One is working in an office at someone's home and doing invoicing, filing and a bit of sage and other bits and bobs. I'm shit at the job really and constantly drive my boss mad with all the mistakes I make. She's trying to get me to learn more of the business for when she has less time, but I think she's regretting it (I'm a frustratingly slow learner).

    The other is working in retail behind a till where I'm also terrible in terms of competence but with the added bonus of having to actually interact with people which drives me insane.

    I'm pretty incompetent at these jobs, however this is from my skewed opinion of myself, though I do get told off an enormous amount at the first one. At the second it can be ok at times but I'm incredibly inconsistent and with the added bonus of hostile, entitled and difficult people means it stresses me out to no end. I don't really possess "conflict resolution skills'.

    However without a clear vision of what I would be good at and where my strengths lie in terms of work it's hard for me to think of anything I would prefer. I would need to actually try the job first. I suspect I'll never be comfortable with any job until I change my perspective, or in other words stop being myself.
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    .. all our different ways of thinking are to be considered as
    different ways of looking at the one reality, each with some
    domain in which it is clear and adequate….
    - David Bohm

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21lux View Post

    tl;dr I think customer service/people-centered jobs is a good fit for my type but fast-paced ones are really stressful.
    I also do well in customer service/people centered jobs. Fast paced ones are stressful, but I kind of thrive on the pressure. It makes it fun, kind of like a challenge. I like jobs with an unending list of short-term goals to fulfill and keep busy. I've done both retail and food service and my favorite days are always the busy ones.

    My actual career of choice is Marriage and Family Therapy, which does fit with XXFJ pretty well. Fe that has been trained and used intentionally is good at being both empathetic and objective, which is necessary for effective counseling.
    “We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third.” - Leslie Knope

    "Nothing lasts forever, some things aren't meant to be. But you'll never find the answers 'til you set your old heart free."

    3w2 6w7 1w2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    My actual career of choice is Marriage and Family Therapy, which does fit with XXFJ pretty well. Fe that has been trained and used intentionally is good at being both empathetic and objective, which is necessary for effective counseling.
    That's something I've also considered before, and I think I'd really enjoy it and be good at it, and helping people is always great. But I'm too lazy for the schooling LOL. I think I'd like to work in HR for some company someday.
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    I must say yes, everything I've ever done was planned. I didn't realize the correlation at the time but after reflection, choosing process engineering only made me more calculated.

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    I am a senior in highschool, which is suited most to an ESTx, especially SJ's, so yeah, I don't enjoy my job at all.

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    A really cool thread idea! I'll jump on in right now.

    I'm an ENTJ, and I'd like to be a Project Engineer. Edit: should I also comment on my current job?
    2 weeks ago I was teaching management skills in IT. Sounds very ENTJ to me. In 2 weeks I'll be a system administrator / IT support, which is unfitting for an ENTJ.

    Is it typical for an ENTJ? Kind of, it has aspects of leadership and management. OTOH it highly depends on technical skills.
    Teaching the managers? Very ENTJ. Otoh, maybe ENTP. Consultant for the management instead of being a manager. Still, typical I'd guess.
    This system admin/ IT support is not usual for ENTJs.

    Are ENTJs qualified for it?
    Project engineer? Probably not, but then I'm not entirely qualified to be ENTJ either, so it balances out. I have a bit higher desire to use technical skills than the average ENTJ (from what I understand) but I have the desire to lead and manage that is not present with xNTP to such degree.
    Qualified to be consultant in management? Yes. IT support? Yeah. Maybe overqualified in parts, maybe lacking in other areas.

    Is it common for ENTJs to be project engineers?
    Unknown. Recommended careers for ENTJ include business administration, computer consultant and such, and this profession is mix of the two.

    Now it's your turn: Does your career fit to your personality?
    Very much so! This goal career at least. I've been a teacher, but I am too ambitious for that. I've been consultant, and it's about right. I've done some programming, which is really not my strongest skill. So my actual career fits my personality somewhat, sometimes nicely, but not always to a great degree.

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