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    So, @devaf on the "Ask an ESTJ" thread in the SJ subforum posted a really cool dialogue he created between an ESTJ and an INTJ that I thought was super cool. It was both enjoyable/humorous and educational as to how those types act in an everyday/practical sense. I had the idea of creating a thread where everyone can create and share dialogues like this, either fictional or real-life situations, as some examples of the different types engaging with one another in all sorts of situations. I think it helps with understanding the different functions so it would be cool to have a thread for it. Of course, everything is open to discussion. Especially whether or not you agree with whether someone is typed correctly/whether X type would really behave that way, since this is meant to aid in the understanding of the functions.

    I mean, I get that the entire forum is basically the same thing as I'm suggesting here. But this way you can try to get into another type's shoes and write what YOU think they'd do. And then members of that type can tell you whether you're right or not.

    I'll start it off with a (kind of long) dialogue of my own, based on something that happened between me and my sister. I'm not completely sure of my sister's type, but INTP is my best guess. INTPs (and others), thoughts? I'm always open to the possibility that I've mistyped.

    Scene: While INTP is taking a shower, her xSFJ sibling writes a note and tapes it to her door. INTP discovers the note, which reads:
    “You are invited to SLEEPOVER.
    Where: my room (arrow to xSFJ’s door)
    When: now
    What to bring: blanket
    We will watch movies on Netflix until we fall asleep.”
    INTP enters xSFJ’s room with an electric blanket and her phone and phone charger. Meanwhile, xSFJ has started the movie Lilo & Stitch on Netflix on the TV in their room.
    xSFJ: Welcome.
    INTP: Where can I plug this in?
    xSFJ: There’s an outlet strip under the end table right there.
    INTP: I can’t reach my phone if I plug it in there.
    xSFJ: You don’t need your phone we’re watching Lilo & Stitch.
    INTP sighs and plugs her stuff in.
    INTP: Why Lilo & Stitch?
    xSFJ: I don’t know, because. Also, remember how I was saying earlier that I haven’t seen the second Equestria Girls movie yet and didn’t even know it was out? It’s on here. I passed it while trying to get to Lilo & Stitch.
    INTP: I don’t care for Equestria Girls. They look weird and I don’t understand why Hasbro thought this was a good idea. Oh wait, yes I do. Marketing schemes so they could sell the dolls.
    xSFJ: I was just saying.
    INTP lays down on the floor and hits her head on xSFJ’s (other) end table, which is home to a 5 gallon fishtank containing a betta fish named Jupiter.
    INTP: Ow. This is your fault because you made me come in here. I hate you.
    xSFJ: Apologize to Jupiter!
    INTP: I’m—
    xSFJ: Apologize to Jupiter!
    INTP: I’m sorry, Jupiter.
    They watch the movie. xSFJ starts falling asleep towards the end and INTP remarks that she doesn’t remember it being that sad because when she was younger she didn’t realize that they were going to take Lilo away forever. After the movie ends, xSFJ turns off the TV and they go to sleep.
    The next night, after INTP takes her shower:
    xSFJ: Did you see the note on your door?
    INTP: The one from yesterday?
    xSFJ: Yeah but it’s still on your door so it still applies.
    INTP sighs.
    INTP: I just put everything back in my room from yesterday.
    xSFJ: No, you did that this morning. It’s night now. And you had to do that anyway because I didn’t want to step over your stuff all day.
    INTP: Your floor is uncomfortable. I like to sleep on my side and it is not comfortable to sleep on my side on your floor. Well, it was pretty comfortable when I was sleeping on my back, actually.
    xSFJ: Please
    INTP gives in and gets her stuff, which includes the electric blanket, phone and charger, and this time also her iPod and headphones. She enters xSFJ’s room.
    INTP: My cat hates you because she wants to sleep with me but she can’t if I’m in your room because you’re allergic.
    xSFJ: Which reminds me, go lint roll yourself.
    INTP: My clothes are clean. I just took a shower and changed.
    xSFJ: Were they in your room at any point?
    INTP: Yes.
    xSFJ: Then they’re covered in cat hair and you need to go lint roll yourself.
    INTP: There’s no fur on me.
    xSFJ: I see a fur right there. My lint roller is right there in my bathroom cabinet.
    INTP: Oh my god, why do you care so much about the stupid fur?
    xSFJ: My room is a fur-free zone. I don’t even let the dogs in here. I just vacuumed my carpet the other day, I don’t want to get it all dirty again this soon.
    INTP groans in annoyance and uses the lint roller, then returns and plugs in her electronics.
    xSFJ: Can you move your headphones and put them over there?
    INTP: What are we going to watch?
    xSFJ: Can you move your headphones?
    INTP: I’m thirsty.
    xSFJ: Oh my god, move your headphones, put them over there.
    INTP: Okay, jeez, why does it matter?
    xSFJ: Because I didn’t want your headphone cords to get tangled with Jupiter’s filter and heater cords. Okay, let’s go pick out a movie from one of my DVDs
    INTP: Is that Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland?
    xSFJ: It’s both. I have both of them.
    INTP: I want to watch the original Disney one, since I read the book recently.
    xSFJ: Okay.
    They watch Alice in Wonderland. They provide commentary throughout, including, but not limited to:
    xSFJ: This was my favorite movie when I was little. Every day before preschool, I’d get up at like 6am and wake dad up and make him put this movie in for me. I love it.
    INTP: This didn’t happen in the book, what the hell?
    xSFJ: It did, it was in “Through the Looking Glass” though and you didn’t read that one, you only read the first one. It’s the same with the flowers, I think. The movie is like a mixture of the two.
    INTP: Oh. Yeah, I need to read that. I wish they included the scene where… [etc]
    INTP: Also, it pisses me off when people say Lewis Carrol could only write the book because of drugs [and blah blah blah rant]
    They both end up falling asleep before the end. The next night, INTP goes to bed before xSFJ can make her stay over again.
    End scene
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    You had me laughing at "Apologize to Jupiter"

    Not sure about the accuracy but yeah I know an INTP who could well be like that chilling out with an xSFJ. Nice read though, thank you ( :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unionruler View Post
    You had me laughing at "Apologize to Jupiter"

    Not sure about the accuracy but yeah I know an INTP who could well be like that chilling out with an xSFJ. Nice read though, thank you ( :
    Thanks! Hopefully this thread will create a lot of insight for different types. Glad you liked the read & hopefully there will be more, and not just from me if this takes off.

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    Hi @21lux
    nice one!
    glad you liked the format. i did another one (linked here) so this can go into your dialogues thread.
    “By our stumbling, the world is perfected.”
    ― Sri Aurobindo

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    Quote Originally Posted by devaf View Post
    Hi @21lux
    nice one!
    glad you liked the format. i did another one (linked here) so this can go into your dialogues thread.
    Love it!! And all of the follow up. You and your INFP nephew seem like a good match together when it comes to business.

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