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View Poll Results: Which type cannot apply MBTI on others accurately?

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Thread: Which type is poor at typing others accurately?

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    Default Which type is poor at typing others accurately?

    This thread is not to be taken seriously but I think I'm seeing a pattern. I'm just curious if other people have an opinion on this.

    What do you think?
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    Idk about the worst, but I would say ENxx are good at it. Focused on theories and social situations. Maybe the NPs get more wrong though?

    I know it's been a slow process for me, and I needed someone to help me with it, but I'm pretty good at J vs P, and I can very quickly tell if someone reminds me of someone else, and therefore that they have the same type.

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    The uninformed type.

    But logic would dictate that EN would be good at it.

    Taking a concept to it's logical end is rarely logical or relevant to the subject at hand.
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    Well, it's a system (T) applied to determine the cognitive underpinning of people (F) so it's a question of which type would be best at doing so? And which type would be worst?

    I'm not sure why ENxx types would be better at it than IN, IS or ES types. There's no reason for it since they lead with different functions.

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    I think N types have more potential to search for insights into typing because it's something they generally desire to do. S types I think only want to go so deep and then don't care anymore. Course, this doesn't mean that people can't change their type and what not, where someone who had more of an S attitude, developed into an N attitude for reasons that may not be easily understood. But unless the person is still greatly developing cognitively, I consider type change more as a persona, rather than a change of nature; so with an N persona, they'd still be an S type and would only go so deep into typing as they feel they have to over a desire to delve deeper.

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    I change types for harder cases all the time, some people were a "one and done" thing. But, of course, I've become a lot more informed over time, so that probably has something to do with it.

    I would guess a perceiving type would be the best, because their opinions might be more changeable? Idk.

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