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Thread: MBTI Resources: Let's Collect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    One small thing. Please find ANYONE else to be a representative ENFJ other than Oprah Winfrey.

    Thank you.
    What've you got against Oprah?? Seems a better poster child than Dr. Phil, at any rate.
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    Default "Conscious Orientation" by Dr. J. H. van der Hoop

    I have posted significant portions of the book at INFPgc:

    "Conscious Orientation" by Dr. J. H. van der Hoop
    "There can be no understanding between the hands and the head unless the heart acts as mediator." (Metropolis, 1927)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollyowens View Post
    What've you got against Oprah?? Seems a better poster child than Dr. Phil, at any rate.
    I've got nothing against Oprah, she's just such the go to ENFJ that I was hoping someone could find another ENFJ to use as an example. 8 of out 10 MBTI websites use her as their primary celebrity ENFJ example and I'm hoping for someone new.

    I don't know much about Dr. Phil so I can't say. Is it easier to spot an ENFJ if they're in a stereotypical (counseling, self-help, teaching, etc.) occupation than if they're not?
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    There are a few links on

    The Sore Dragon

    all mixed with metaphorical INFP rants.
    Freud is 80% fraud, all except the E for Ego
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    Mippus, as per your note in the feedback forum, I'm bumping this thread.

    I haven't reread it closely to see if this has been posted yet, but if anyone is interested in taking the ACTUAL FACTUAL MBTI test which costs real money, go here:

    My MBTI Personality Type - Take the MBTI Instrument
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    Testing Traits of Jung's Cognitive Processes | Quizlet

    Test on some descriptions of cognitive functions from "Gifts Differing"

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    Default Book Recommendations

    I'm going shopping on Tuesday to pick up a few MBTI/Cognitive Function resources.

    I already own everything by Barron and Tieger.

    What would you consider your top two or three favorite/most helpful books?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    "Gifts Differing" by Isabel Myers Briggs

    "Psychological Types" by C.G. Jung

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