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Thread: Does your voice match your type?

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    Question Does your voice match your type?

    I've always been fascinated by the human voice. (Which is kind of strange, since I easily tire of the sound of people talking.) Lately I've been wondering if there's any correlation between the MBTI types and their voices. Do different types have their own unique vocal traits?

    For instance, I'm an INTJ, and I have quite a deep voice, with very little modulation. When I'm talking about something that interests or excites me, there's some fluctuation in my pitch, but not much. The few other INTJs I've met have had similar voices. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is an ENFP, and his voice is somewhere in the middle of the vocal range, but when he's excited, he talks A MILE A MINUTE. And very often, his sentences end with an upward inflection, like he's asking a question. Sometimes I can't help but tease him about it, because it makes him sound like a Valley girl.

    So what about you? Does your voice reflect your type?

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    I don't know. I have a tendency to speak quickly because I don't love speaking that much. I would much rather send an email or text. My voice is probably somewhat deep for a woman. My ENFJ, who you would think would be much more bubbly and vocal, isn't. He has a really deep, attention getting voice and I think most people tend to hear him the first time so, no repeating.
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    I don't know! I have a very high and soft (but not shrill) voice, much to my chagrin. I speak very quietly and have difficulty raising my voice. Around most people my voice probably comes off as very muted/restrained and I have to consciously try to inject emotion into my tone of voice, unless I am worked up about something. I don't speak slowly but I do frequently pause or say "uhh..." mid-sentence if I haven't deliberately rehearsed the entire sentence prior to speaking. I think and revise my word choice even as I speak; I am not able to sacrifice accuracy for fluency.

    I haven't had anyone comment on my halting speech before but it bothers me immensely as I see it being very disruptive to the flow of my words (as well as making me seem perpetually unsure or unconfident in my words.)
    I'm not entirely sure how to interpret this thread but if the sharp drops in Ti (as opposed to Te) can be likened to pauses, then that's me.

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    My voice is deep and soft, like an INFP
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    I talk super fast and have a bit of a twang on some words. I can't pronounce the "v" sound in "never" or "over". Sometimes my voice is high and raspy, other times it's almost like a snarl, other times it's flat and low. Mostly flat and low, but an old teacher of mine said I have a soft voice

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    my voice is rather deep and monotone for a girl. It's not the deepest though and I'm not completely monotone, but sometimes I use inflection incorrectly.

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    According to that thing my voice is somewhere in between Fi and Ne which are the two biggest functions for INFP, right?

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    I guess I'm a lyric baritone.
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    It must be hard to discern within the different regional accents of any country, which have their own tonal differences in the first place. But @Nicodemus linked to the chart I had in mind from before.

    However upon absorbing the collection of adjectives for each one I couldn't place them mentally when I hear speech. But then they are more likely mixed up together in different contexts for the speaker, possibly as a different function comes into play. Or it could be my poor ability to visualise in my mind's eye something I haven't got much experience of, or paid much attention to.

    But using my mum as an example, her general tone is somewhat like the Fe described one, but alone with those she feels comfortable in expressing open criticism it turns more into the Ti tone and " appears " is an apt description, because 'appears' isn't the same as 'is'.

    Certainly that pseudo-knowledgeable arrogance goes for me as well.
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    domain in which it is clear and adequate….
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