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Thread: Does your voice match your type?

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    climb on Array Showbread's Avatar
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    Yeah, I would say so. I have fairly bright sounding voice with a lot of intonation. It's also generally fairly loud...
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    No idea. People say I talk like a stoner. I guess that's ENTP, so, sure.
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    I think so.

    I am pretty soft-spoken and I tend to talk very slowly with lots of pauses in between. I have this tendency to use "um" a lot in my speech.

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    My voice matches Enneagram type 9, but I'm not sure what kind of voice an INFJ would have. I just had a banker tell me my voice sounds like Tia Leoni, which I consider to be a compliment. She's a kinda droopy gal too.
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    You tell me (#s 114 & 115)
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    thanks for linking that @Nicodemus. i remember that chart from before, but this thread really needed some definition of what it even meant to have your voice match your type.

    yeah, i really do think Ne-Fi-Te covers the spectrum of my vocal patterns pretty well. i sometimes try to "put on" an Fe tone. but it's like at work or something when i feel like i need to be in this customer service mode. maybe upon interacting with someone who i feel is apprehensive i'd bust it out too. warmth is the key. i think i naturally take a very genuine tone, but it can be more passionate than warm.
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    I have a radio voice. For someone to match it to a type would be nothing more than an exercise in stereotyping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    thanks for linking that @Nicodemus. i remember that chart from before, but this thread really needed some definition of what it even meant to have your voice match your type.
    Unfortunately, it is a rather poor definition. Although... what can you really hope for with this topic?

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    What is an istp supposed to sound like. I have been told I have a semi deep sexy voice. Even more so over the phone. I don't know if it matches me.
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    I heard people tell me that my voice is very clear (I must admit I'm one of the few people I know who likes to hear recordings of their own voice, it really does sounds pleasant), but I've also been accused of speaking to fast. I've also been told that I tend to forget to pronounce the letter T quite often when it's placed at the end of a word or a syllable, but I think that's more of an accent thing. Most of the kids in my elementary school forgot the T as well when pronouncing certain words. But the thing is, I don't know if that's what an ESFP is supposed to sound like. If they're supposed to be loud, I can confirm that I in fact do sound like one. But in case we're supposed to sound like Valley Girls or talking chickens, I'm afraid I probably sound like something else.
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