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    I try not to get into, it honest. But somehow I end up in it. but I've never been good at lying, because if I know I'm lying I can't pull off a convincing lie, and sometimes it's easier to just to offend the person then come up with a nice way to put it. plus maybe they won't ask next time. though most drama i get into is because i've done something that i'm not aware of the person gets mad at me like I'm suppose to know. fuck that, if it bothers you could've told me. or you know that whole speaking without thinking phenenom? happens way more than it should
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    Drama between strangers/celebs/etc: don't care.

    Drama between friends (not involving me): I try to learn both sides of the story and make myself available to lend an ear (or shoulder) when needed. Depending on the person I sometimes play devil's advocate or try to bring up alternative ways of looking at the situation.

    Drama between friend group (involving me): I generally stay neutral or side with what seems to be the fairest. I drop facts/observations and let my friends come to their own conclusions.
    > become very stressed out if an unfavorable outcome could result in the breaking up of the friend group or me losing my 'spot' in the circle of friends.

    Drama between me and a single friend: I try to come to a compromise ASAP (most drama happens due to a misunderstanding). If it's absolutely irreconcilable, I have to decide if we can agree to disagree, or if I need to burn the bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paris34 View Post
    How does each type respond/ react to drama? (in particular emotional/ interpersonal drama)
    As an INTJ 6, i tend to not like it and avoid it. It can annoy me and is inefficient. Basically my reaction is to try and get people collaborating focused on what's important or walk away depending on how invested I am in the people, the topic at hand, the circumstances and my mood.

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    I am pretty depressed in case of drama. My first reaction would be to explain myself, to make sure the other person understands properly my means (which makes the drama even worst, I realize, because not every people are open to rational explanations, especially if they are hurt).

    My second reaction would be to put in question my friendship with the person I have an argument with.

    Hopefully, a couple of days later, I am more tolerant, I am able to see the problem under a new light, taking into account the different reasons of the argument and different aspects of the situation.

    As an ESTJ, I guess you need some time to understand fully interpersonal drama.

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    Assuming I don't know the people, I get out of there ASAP or ignore them. Sometimes I'll argue after perceiving some kind of slight, but I'm relieved when it's over. If I'm not involved, I stay uninvolved.

    Assuming I do know them, it can go different ways. As I'm a participant, I get fixated on being right. Take things personally. Insult the other person/people. Get louder as the argument goes on. Stand my ground until I wear them down or one of us has to leave. Later, I come back after cooling down, apologize and/or explain what my problem was. Oh, the embarrassment.

    When people I know have a conflict that looks silly to me, I'll come in and instigate, sniping at both parties for my own amusement.

    Person A: I don't believe it.
    Person B: What's that mean?
    Me: He's calling you a liar, B.
    Person B: What?! No, you're the liar, A!

    Then a few minutes later I'll do something similar to person B. If the drama is serious and people are getting hurt, I may try to mediate or (more likely) I will flee and hope they can work it out on their own.
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    I learn from it
    Also I always think about what I would’ve done if I was being in the please of each character.
    I think about the complexes in the story and better solutions.. And how the scenarist could’ve ended it more impressively.
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    I love/hate drama. I'm a low drama person--meaning I don't seek to create new, unnecessary drama where none existed. When people try to wrap me up in their drama, I tend to avoid them, as their drama will most likely be bullshit and not of pressing importance.

    However... It can sometimes be fun to watch others' drama unfold from the sidelines, as an uninvolved spectator.
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    i start recording it on my phone and yell "WORLDSTAR!!!"

    really though, varies from annoyance, being an amused observer, or becoming a drama queen myself depending on how much it affects me personally. i'm not immune, although it's usually ridiculous to me.
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    It depends on the drama. If someone involves me in their drama, it's going to be terrible for them. Anything else is on a case by case basis but for the most part, I want it nowhere near me and won't participate at all.
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