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Thread: Types and Smiling

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    I smile quite a lot, but i didnt use to so much before getting more in touch with my feelings. However i dont like smiling for a photo, or being photographed in the first place..

    I think what @Chanaynay said about sx/sp fits me quite well. I think its more intense/calm tho than intense/self absorbed, but might be hard to judge this myself
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    I only smile when I feel like smiling. I often get asked if I'm sad or angry. I'm usually not, I just don't find it necessary to go around smiling all the time, unless I have a legit reason. Honestly, I usually avoid people who smile all the time, because they are also usually the people who want to converse with me when I don't want to converse. I'll fake smile for a photo all day everyday though.
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    My neutral expression usually drives people away, but when I smile, everyone comes flocking to me.

    I think extroverts are more likely to smile than introverts -- I've met a couple of IFs who were pretty cold at first glance. They usually only smile if they want to.

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    I smile a lot, and laugh easily, but am incredibly stoic otherwise. If I'm mad chances are I'll just stare or roll my eyes.

    From my experience or people I know:

    ISTJ - resting bitch face to the max
    ISFJ - eh, sorta the same as the above but not as bad
    INFJ - eyebrows raised
    INTJ - straight face
    ISTP - sort of neutral, looks happy but not really smiley
    ISFP - looks sad
    INFP - very expressive
    INTP - I don't know
    ENTP/ESFP/ENFP - constantly smiling, could light up a whole rooM
    ESTJ/ESFJ - smiley, but kind of serious to begin with
    ENFJ - can be sort of spaced out, they tilt their heads and laugh hard a lot
    ENTJ - like the most charismatic people

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    I am an INFJ and I don't smile a big toothy grin and laugh out loud to often, but I am generally happy, especially when no one is talking to me. When I am quiet and smiling people around me ask me why I am smiling. I am smiling because I am happily gardening or enjoying the colors in the sky or the companionship of one of my pets. Leave me alone and I will continue to smile.

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