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Thread: What is the point of the MBTI?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Nightwing and RC covered most of the bases.

    Psst. Nighthawk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nighthawk View Post
    For me, MBTI was valuable in hammering home the point that I shouldn't try to be somebody I am not. It gave me "permission" to be who I am. I learned, through much pain and suffering, that I do not fit well into an SJ or SP oriented career or lifestyle. Only since learning MBTI do I now understand why. It has helped guide me toward a profession and lifestyle in which I am happier ... while at the same time helping me understand possible weaknesses and work on them.
    I couldn't have said this any better. I was desperatley trying to be the business women ESTJ before finding out about my type. I was depressed and miserable, and in a ESTJ job that couldn't be any more wrong for me. MBTI showed me that I was not "weird". That there were in fact other people out there like me. I was just a type of a smaller percentage.

    Now I have guided my life toward activities that will put me in touch with other NFs and NTs, and am pursuing a whole different career that I am hoping will be more satisfying to me. In short, it changed my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raincrow007 View Post
    Psst. Nighthawk.
    Oh fudge. Too many comic books. Sigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raincrow007 View Post
    Psst. Nighthawk.
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    Yes, validation, helps me to understand others, and most of all, I am so amazed at the difference in communication. Yes, very very amazed at the difference in communications styles. Now I understand better why my boyfriend, an intj, is always saying things are pointless. - and I do believe the av geek he may be, he would be truly tortured if he had to be a camera man for the jerry springer show, except for the boobs. He says he doesn't see the point of that show.

    I have not yet figured out how I am supposed to develop my weaker functions however, and I am not sure why I would want to.
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    To me the point of MBTI is to understand the people important to me. Some of them are too different from me and I would like to understand the reasons why, from the psychology point of view.

    But I've to say MBTI is not very 'user-friendly'. It does not provide a reliable method to tell a person's type in a short time. It ignores age difference. It limits itself to 16 types and does not consider intra-type variations. It does not provide solid suggestions on how to use this theory to deal with people. It ignores all visible signs that might indicate a person's personality (body language, occupation, hobby, qualification, appearance, etc).

    It's like, you have to mind-read a person to know his/her type, and I'm no mind-reader. I sort of see the potential in it and I'm still trying to figure out how to apply the theory effectively on real people.
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