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Thread: IxFx Commonalities

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    Default IxFx Commonalities

    I thought it would be a good idea to explores the ways in which introverts who are also Feelers are similar and face similar things in society.

    I would suggest that negotiating society can be the most difficult for this combined demographic, even though the Sensing types are more prevalent. There is a way in which each of these type s can experience a lot of social pressure to conform to the requirements of the more forceful types. For the INFP/INFJs, this can be combined with feelings of being misunderstood by society, but for the ISFP/ISFJ could it actually be worse to be better understood and still face pressure to conform to being a more dominant type?

    I think that in work environments and in personal, social environments, there are ways that each of these types can exert their will, but there are perhaps more ways that they have to push back against having their rights infringed upon.

    Anyway, I think all four of these types have a great deal in common externally, although their internal worlds can be quite different. What are your thoughts?
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    I think a great amount of ISFP's face feeling misunderstood as well. I had always respected the ISFJ's I know, as they seem so incredibly composed while attaining a quiet innocence. The INFJ's I know are slightly different. I don't see a whole lot of comparisons to myself with them, but I love their clear cut through ability to see. One of the funniest females I've ever met in my life was an INFJ. She's very much like Jennifer Lawrence. With INFP's, I feel they are a parallel version to myself.

    Maybe it's in my head, but I've always felt that in the work place and in school, that I seem to pick out the other IxFx's and that they seem to do the same with me. Like there is this mutual respect and (distant) interest in one another. And as we continue to work around one another, eventually we gather more and more information about the other, allow for plenty of distance, give one another confirmation, and slowly build a relationship from there. When negotiating society, I tend to see other IxFx's as safe, I suppose. Oddly enough, I probably have the most mixed feelings about other ISFP's of all the IxFx's.
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