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Thread: People who keep telling you the same stories and jokes over and over

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    My mother does this, she's an ENFJ so I guess it's either what Skylights said or because her iNtroverted Thinking is under-developed so she constantly uses others to form her opinions, Unfortunately she doesn't leave the house since she stopped working and discovered FaceBook, so she's going through a "Parrot(TM)" phase(saying the same things every day and not feeling that she has the right level of input to decide).

    But I experience conversational Deja Vu nearly constantly so... :/

    By the way: Hi, I'm new
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    I do that now and again. I only have a certain amount of material.

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    My ENFJ mom does this, but it's with different people each time and I just happen to be there. Also she's 2w3, so it could be 3 related. Having stories to tell to impress people and such.
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    It drives me crazy -- crazier than I already am. I am usually very attentive and observant of people and even overhear stories and jokes and then people try and tell me. I can play nice a few times and act interested but I don't want to hear the same bad joke four times. I usually know who I have told what. My problem is: I think of asking or telling someone and then I can't remember whether I did or not? So I will ask, "Hey, did I tell you that... Blah blah blah?" and I think people are honest and tell me whether I told them or not.

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    I have an ESFJ friend who does that ALL the time. My INTP mother tends to do that as well.

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    My Ne doesn't like it, but if it keeps happening I find a way to have fun with it. I worked in the same place with the same people who had the same stories for 15 years. It was like Groundhog Day, I could change my response and see how they react differently. It ends up being kind of awesome.

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    It's innate in us because it's the way our history was handed down before the written word. Repetitive stories are prevalent in the Bible.

    Of course, the stories should be valuable in some way, and not just stupid folly that benefits no one. God intended we use this attribute for good, for passing down His everlasting story of deliverance and salvation.
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    I do it either due to memory failure or a new conversation with someone in the group & it feels at least somewhat relevant. It was more prevalent when my life was in a more stagnant point, though. When you're not moving fwd you only have so much to share in terms of insight, jokes, anecdotes.

    Some jokes I'll use repeatedly on purpose to be an asshole. It's still funny to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    Some jokes I'll use repeatedly on purpose to be an asshole. It's still funny to me.
    I approve this.

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    Extroverts. Those damn extroverts.

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