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Thread: Ne vs. Ti

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    Unconscious doesent mean that its random.
    And what does it mean? You can't control your unconscious, so you can't control the connection it creates so to me it sounds like random...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zago View Post
    They're totally different. Ne is a way of perceiving context. Ti is a way of treating things.

    Ne is very broad in its view of context. It recognizes patterns across time, different ways things have been, could be, and will be, and it attempts to elicit the full range of images and permutations of what can be. Ne is often called "random" because its users try to mine the depths and farthest reaches of context, often coming up with the bizarre or esoteric.

    Ti is methodical and focusing. Ti takes in information and processes it towards understanding and refinement. INTPs take the ideas of Ne and systematize, categorize, analyze, refine, focus, map, and test for the physics of these ideas. It's a totally impersonal and timeless way of dealing with information. ISTPs do the same thing with the physical world. They fuck around with it. They see how it works. They seek to understand the way the tactile world makes sense and synthesize ways of dealing with it.

    However i see here as i've seen any places that Ne sees things at it were. I disagree with it. Ne is more of what you have said in the same sentence.

    Yes it does look into what were but it's more of ne based guesses than fact (se) analysed conclusions which i think is more ni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophiaDeep View Post
    And what does it mean? You can't control your unconscious, so you can't control the connection it creates so to me it sounds like random...

    Is it random to see a triangle in that picture?

    Im not saying with this that S types dont see the triangle, S types are also using intuition. The difference between N and S types(and this applies to T and N difference as well) is that N types are more fluent in this sort of unconscious processes and apply it(because they are more fluent/trained in) more often. Also N types put more trust in more far fetched ideas, since they feel more confident on their ability to predict stuff based on hunches about some idea that they have. S types on the other hand put more trust in more concrete sensory stuff and are often more fluent in noticing details. Its not to say that N types couldnt get good at sensory stuff, but S types have most likely some gene that makes them develop sensory regions in the brains easier or something. So they have learned that the "truth" is in the sensory perception, while N saw it in hunches, T saw it in logical reasons and F saw it in trusting on their emotional responses and sometimes(if the person has figured out a bit how to deal with life) being rational about those emotional responses.
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