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Thread: Are we born with our personality types or do we aquire them?

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    We acquire them. When we come across mbti.

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    I was more ENFJ as a child. I'm a lot more introverted now.

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    Born with them.

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    Type develops epigenetically. So born with it AND acquired.
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    Sounds like you are a have not. Your mother put forth bad examples of child rearing. Births, too often, are not respected.
    Reflection is learning, being open with your statements indicates you can benefit through lessons.
    And where was dad???? Open relationships create shallow children. Something the world has in excess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    We acquire them. When we come across mbti.
    I can be nothing until I check with Isabel Myers to tell me who I am, and of course the only order of development I can possibly follow. Izeeeebell. Izeeeebell. Where art thou, Izeeeebell?
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    You are born with certain tendencies. Your family will reinforce certain tendencies. Your social environment will reinforce certain tendencies. Your experiences, generally, do. Belief gives rise to action, formation of habits takes place over time, not acting otherwise than one would generally act means lack of change in any direction, though maturation alters habits through growth of regions. Moreover, intentional change causes a difference in development of habits, new skills emerge through practice made perfect.

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