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Thread: Introverts and amount of time spent alone

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    How much time do you have to spend alone? How frequently?
    I spend 95% of my time alone in my room, but I have been hating it a lot lately. On the first of the month I flew to Los Angeles to meet up with some friends (and to attend AX 2008) and I was around them nearly the entire four or five days. I did get to the point where I had to wander off by myself for a couple of hours. I felt light headed being in a room with so many people and nearly passed out while I was walking through the aisles.
    What does the required amount depend on?
    How much I am around people, how much I talk (I am generally a quiet person, to a lighter extent when around friends), and just how draining the other people are. It also depends on what is on my mind as well, if I have something on my mind that is bugging me I won't want to be around people at all, and will end up annoying them at how distant I seem.
    What do you do when you are alone?
    Listen ot music, watch anime, talk on IRC/IM, play computer games, browse the internet, think about random things.
    Do you ever feel you have been alone too long
    Now that I am back home I have been feeling very lonely. It was so much fun hanging out with friends that now I can only talk to via the internet and am stuck being back alone in my room for the most of my time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    I was thinking about this topic again while I was driving today and something occurred to me. When I was married, after a day at work, I would sometimes take off driving, just a little out of town, before I'd go home. My ENFP wife was hurt by that sometimes, that I didn't come home and pick her and the baby up first so they could go with me. I loved when they came with me, but sometimes I just didn't feel like going home first, I guess I needed to drive alone a bit to sort of collect myself before going home. She didn't really understand that, and I guess I didn't entirely understand it either.
    I drive alone all the time for relaxation/reflection/whatever. Sometimes people want to come along and they get offended when I tell them that I'd rather go alone. But I do it anyway!
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