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Thread: What type of communication or phrasing offends you as a fe/fi user?

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    Okay. Whoa.

    While I appreciate the intentions and contributions of everyone in this convo, this is so not the way I meant to go with this. I'm not asking to make this thread about me. I was just contributing my concrete example of a potential Fe vs Fi issue. I also didn't mean for people to try and analyse me instead of the topic - Ive done that analysis already, anyways, or I wouldn't be in here looking for data to address it.

    In fact, me asking this in this thread was meant to address the issue in a win-win situation for everyone. For the record,I type as ENFP and my default tactic for any issue I might have is to brainstorm, gather a bunch of insights as to how others address this (if they even experience this issue), extrapolate a pattern, look at povs involved to see if I can find common ground from the different perspectives gathered(Ne), and judge to see if it would work for me (Fi) to then implement it (Te), and store the data for comparable situations to solve (Si). I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and ask both Fi and Fe users where they stood on this issue and how they experienced it - considering that is the topic of this thread.

    I'll admit that I forgot to keep in mind that J-users tend to look at the finished product instead of seeing that this was meant as a sharing exercise and a brainstorm - though I thought the first and last sentence of my first post (Does anyone have a solution wrt the issue of networking?/ Has anyone figured this out yet?) gave that away. Apparently not. I'm sorry for triggering your fix-it modes. And yes,clearly I should've kept my frustration out of my text, coz it became the focal point of the subject which was not the intent. I mistakenly assumed that since others were venting in here as well, it wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently in combination with asking for data points, it wasn't a good idea.

    I appreciate those that did answer my questions and gave me the datapoints I'm looking for. They have proven very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werebudgie View Post
    Your INFP description is unrecognizable to me in relation to what I know of my INFP E9 partner, but I assume actual INFPs might have a better grip on its accuracy than I would.

    eta1: I also don't see the connection between the description and what @Amargith is describing of people getting all upset at the lack of a quick response. The way I see it, if radio silence for a period of time is in fact normal for someone and if that person clearly communicates this fact to others, then why is there a problem with the lack of immediate reply? For me, with clear communication about that being normal, I would just code it as "Amargith just doesn't reply right away, no need to be concerned" and use that information to not expect quick replies from this particular person, and to understand that a lack of a quick reply doesn't mean something is wrong.

    eta2: I'm thinking that there are also people who may need quick verbal reassurances in order to feel loved/cared about/etc. I'd guess that people who really need this wouldn't be a good fit for a personal connection with someone who doesn't do quick responses like that. For me, this becomes more relevant in a romantic/intimate relationship or a really close friendship. Sometimes there just isn't a fit between specific people's needs and what others can do. No one's right or wrong in that case, it's just not a good fit. There may also be work situations in which quick acknowledgement of communication is necessary for professional reasons, but I'm not sure that's relevant to the topic at hand.
    My description was based on first-hand interactions with INFPs both in real-life (co-workers) and online on forums, in private messages.
    Of course the INFP is the most individualistic of all types, so your (and their) mileage may vary.
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