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Thread: Inferior Ne vs anxiety and fear of making mistakes

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    Default Inferior Ne vs anxiety and fear of making mistakes

    I've never really found a lot of helpful information on inferior Ne, yet I've heard once that someone with higher Ne (like aux or dom) under depression will stick with an optimistic possibility, even when depressed. I'm (so I think) INFP and I tend to play self sabotage, become pessimistic, think about negative scenarios under stress, depression (mainly depression) (albeit not to a huge extent). I can be a perfectionist at times, mainly because I'm not used to doing things in general and one mistake makes me think I lack skill or ability. I've suffered from a lot of anxiety (particularly social anxiety) and that is fuel to the fire. Yet, this sounds somewhat familiar to what I've heard about inferior Ne - yet I don't think I'm an Si dominant type.

    Also, being Fi dominant, whenever I get depressed, it seems like Fi gets bitter and has an influence over Ne, thus I start ruminating, usually for a day or two. Could this be what's going on?

    Or am I completely misunderstanding the functions here?

    ISJs reading this - when depressed or dealing with anxiety, what goes on in your head? How do you react to it?
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    I found this

    I'm Ne dominant as an ENFP I don't know what inferior Ne would look like, but if you have any questions about Ne, I can try to answer them.
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