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Thread: Whats the most easily offended type?

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    Default Whats the most easily offended type?

    Which types are most likely to be personally offended by things like fictional movie violence, rap lyrics or anything resembling political incorrectness in media?

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    It depends too much on what the particular movie violence, rap lyrics, or political incorrectness entails to give a serious answer.
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    One of the Fe types. They are too obsessed with the words rude and inappropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairdoug View Post
    It depends too much on what the particular movie violence, rap lyrics, or political incorrectness entails to give a serious answer.
    Basically any sort of alienating self-indulgence in movies, music, etc.; ie, Quentin Tarantino making a movie about a slave/cowboy in the ante-bellum south or cartoonishly sociopathic criminals, Eminem rapping about killing people, etc.

    Obviously, many people are gonna feel a little bit uncomfortable while watching movies or listening to music like that, but the question is who's most likely to believe that this type of art shouldn't even exist in the first place?

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    It truly depends on a person's background/ the individual values and how closely those values are tied to one's identity/sense of self. If one sees those values are a core part of who one is, then anyone/anything who (or that) violates those values is deemed "bad"/negative.

    It can't easily be answered with a specific type (if at all). Regardless of type, with a good majority of people, if you can pinpoint what someone's all about, you can easily push/offend him or her to rant about all types of shit (that is personally deemed as offensive/politically incorrect to the individual).
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    ENTJ, going by my big sister.

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    I have an ENFJ friend who is offended by absolutely everything. I adore her, but she really is. Recently, she was telling me about how offended she was when a taxi driver told her she was beautiful.

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    If the OP was the same as the title I would have said 4w5.

    And since it is not, I really don't know what to say.

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    Probably anyone with a high F function, but neither its introverted or extroverted form would take precedence as they both might take offence, but for different reasons.

    An Fe user might be offended because society dictates they should, which would apply to your examples; political incorrectness, brutal violence, and sex/nudity would fall under this definition, as society conditions us to be sensitive towards them. It may not run so deeply than it does with Fi users, because taking away the conditioning, maybe they wouldn't care so much.

    Fi users would be offended over particular subjects that attack their personal values. I would say that they are perhaps more difficult to offend, because of the specialisation of their values, but when you do tread on one, it runs much deeper and they are "more" offended than with Fe.

    Some with an inferior F function might sometimes be overly sensitive to certain things that they care about too.

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