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Thread: Can INxPs be openly goofy?

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    This varies a lot from person to person. As far as INxPs being cable of being goofy in public, absolutely. Two of my best friends are INxPs, an INFP guy and INTP girl. My INFP friend is generally more conservative, but certainly capable of being goofy in public, especially after a few beers. My INTP friend will do things in public that would embarrass an ExSP.

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    I've never been goofy a day in my life....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    I also had a friend in highschool who was literally like an introverted version of an ENTP. He was ENTP-esque in humor and demeanor but he was practically a hermit. He didn't have that awkard neurotic serious vibe that stereotypical INTPs have.
    That sounds much more like stereotypical IxTJs, INTPs(probably along with the other IP types) usually have more a apathetic, shiftless demeanor when not actively engaging.

    When they engage with people depending on the social environment they may show their goofy, "Ne side", I think INTPs and INFPs try to mirror the people they're around but in a more water downed, low key way.
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