My IxTx Type Descriptions

ISTP (Cool, self-contained problem-solvers): Crafting solutions and making things work with the tools at hand. Internally viewing multiple angles by which situations can be understood and approached. Integrating observations into useful techniques. Putting objectives into practice.

ISTJ (Loyal and responsible supervisors and inspectors): Making sure things operate as outlined. Keeping control over contingencies. Persevering to complete accomplishments. Following a life purpose. Referencing the past to prepare for the future. Seeing the sequential pieces of projects.

INTJ (Tenacious visionaries, oriented towards action): Synthesizing and envisioning complex conceptual creations. Becoming a maximized master. Perfecting highly focused plans to make progress and realize goals. Grasping the universal reasoning behind all things. Stepping ahead of their times.

INTP (Abstract-minded systems analysts): Defining the underlying principles and essential qualities of theoretical models. Reflecting on why things are. Bridging multiple connections across a matrix of contexts. Continually changing ideological architectures. Breaking beyond all mental boundaries.

Well folks, I'm interested in what you think of these. Also, feel free to give your own descriptions and feedback as well! And finally, for all IxTx types, do any of these descriptions fit you?