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Thread: Thoughts on ENTJ's?

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    Default Thoughts on ENTJ's?

    1)What is you're impression of an ENTJ?

    2)If you have read any of my posts, why do you think I am not an ENTJ?

    3)I really want to know what you're pre-concieved notions (not that they're wrong) of ENTJ's are that are making me not look like one?

    4)What are encounters you've had with ENTJ's?

    @Starry I'd love your input too
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    I like them well enough I think. I only knew one really well, but we got along great. If he is representative, they are straightforward and honest people who are easy to get along with and nearly impossible to offend. He was fun-loving and adventurous and very motivated, which I liked. Very responsible, practical, and did what he said people should do.

    I don't see any reason you wouldn't be ENTJ.

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    I don't have much of a formed idea except for ideas associated with Te. I suppose I think they are potentially leaders moreso than other types. Also, they would probably be assertive in most cases unless experience produced another result. I don't know your posts, so cannot provide input in that manner. Your rose avatar has me lean towards thinking you are female, so that would be great to have more female ENTJs around here, but also if you are male with the same avatar as an ENTJ, that would also make you very interesting as a person.
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    I tended to really like the ones I have known. For the most part, they are excellent conversationalists and have a really sharp wit.

    I don't really see any reason to question your type.
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